1. And Extra salt on the Drizzle!

  2. I don’t think the mugpictcherthing knows how it feels either

  3. Fr everybody moving at different tempos

  4. Jesus Christ is fasho her homie!

  5. Have you tried turning it on and off again

  6. What does this even mean?!?!? This meme needs subtitles in English please

  7. Take me instead spare that man 😫

  8. That asshole in the middle seems like a jerk

  9. I also call my girls butt the Grand Canyon

  10. I know this trick where if you dont plug your phone in for a couple days you wont get any ads

  11. I’m sure you’re a visual design artist 😂 doing gods work

  12. My guy made the intro to the Forest 3

  13. They gonna call it “The Water 1”

  14. Go tf in the back tell mom or dad ur taking trash out / smoke / come in wash hands change clothes deodorant yourself

  15. He was shot so he went full cockroach 🪳

  16. Americans do not support obesity

  17. Top right guy seems to have the best deal, assuming you paid the same amount for all 3 quality seems there. The purple seems really on the low end but just light dep I’m personally not a popcorn nug guy

  18. I see a cloud from SpongeBob

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