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  1. I think its because a lot of them don't think they are bad people, but they are racist, sexist, and bigoted. And the only people who agree they aren't bad people are those who think horrible things are good, so it spreads. Eventually so ingrained in this they no longer automatically associate nazis with being evil.

  2. I remember when I was a member the people who were struggling were always brought up as examples and people who are living fulfilling lives are never mentioned.

  3. if theyre pimo that also means their kids are still being raised mormon even if nothing else about this was massively wrong to ask... :\

  4. it takes years of questioning to have a breakthrough moment. I guess the best way would be to ask her what it felt like when god told her it was true, and what that even means to her. Ask her if she would do something horrible if "god" or the church told her too.

  5. Sadie killer's disobedient got me to quit a bad job and life situation I was in at the time so probably that one. A lot of them are really good though.

  6. bismuth and pearl I think, they compliment eachother's personalities and got the history to back it up. Obviously they still have baggage but not as much as most of the other gems.

  7. If you don’t already, start seeing a therapist. I couldn’t talk about this stuff without getting triggered before, but now I can talk about it calmly. However, if you need something in the moment, stick to facts they can’t argue with. Science, statistics, etc. PTSD, spiritual abuse, psychological abuse, religious trauma, are all REAL things backed by research. A bittersweet moment for me was when I met my new psychiatrist and I told her my story she said, “I understand. I have several exmormon patients.” Like, its validating, but also very depressing that so many of us are in the same situation.

  8. I wish finding a good therapist was easy. My last therapist, first post mormonism therapy I've tried to get, was completely uninterested in talking about religious trama with me despite me listing it as a main issue I was experiencing. Literally scoffed the first time I brought it up.

  9. there is no difference, I imagine its in the same lane as nouns as neo-pronouns. Basically useless linguistically but its making someone feel better so you just shrug and accept it as part of the conversation.

  10. I think because god to too vague of a concept? Specific interpretations of a creator god and the religions around them definitely can be considered conspiracy. Otherwise its in a different category, group psychosis ig. Or a delusion. Not really conspiracy as such.

  11. "Conspiracy theory" is one of those words like "cult" or "barbarian" where it really just means "[x] that's unacceptable because I don't like it"

  12. Cult actually has clear defined boundaries. Occult is a bit more loose, but something being classified as a cult does need to meet specific criteria.

  13. i feel like its easy to say this is because of imperialism. It also places rome sitting at the midpoint of east and west

  14. A girl I'm friends with has been cheated on twice. After the second time, she was staggered to find out that sex doesn't turn into a "Birthdays and Valentines" thing after the first three months.

  15. Luckily my parents attempted to make real meals most of the time. But I remember there being families at my church who would make food like this, I think its a generational poor person + rural thing. You only teach your kids how to make quick meals and then they grow up to cool for themselves like this.

  16. 3 is around where you might have the conversation on if you'd want higher commitments. probably around 6 months of regular dating and interaction to be considered a long term partner.

  17. Use graphics from poster “A” and the headline from “B” as the lighter graphics are easier to visually understand and the headline must be dark to be legible from great distances. Nice are bra!

  18. not active also doesn't mean he wasn't motivated by religious beliefs he got from his lds upbringing

  19. any kind of promotional material should be high contrast, so left is objectively better for the task.

  20. I had a boss like this, he never approved time off because he refused to make the calls to cover even with weeks in advance to set schedules. I didn't quit over that but I did just call off on those days so he had to cover it anyway.

  21. noticed this when i tried going back one time, saw it for what it is. Emotionally + often physically exhausted people are very quick to cry when given the smallest release. Mixed with an environment where crying is associated with praise and support you have an easy waterworks show at any even slightly personal question.

  22. Her face is that of the Russian sleep experiment creepy pasta photos. Am I the only one seeing that?

  23. her smile does seem really eerie, like her gums are showing and she doesn't seem to be smiling with her eyes. Primate body language for aggression.

  24. the "protect girls sports" makes me chuckle so sadly like, girls sports aren't going anywhere, they're not taking huge losses or anything, a few accolades are going to a marginalized group, barely a noteworthy amount and definitely not like, an upset to the entire genre of sports that have women in them.

  25. I think this is because Americans aren't a homogeneous group, we are culturally and genetically diverse in every imaginable way. Often focusing on our differences than our similarities.

  26. in my house having a conversation with my friend, or mybe in my room afterwards as I looked into what they had said.

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