1. What the fu are AI coins supposed to be ?!

  2. A token which would allow processing of computational data by an AI engine. Hopefully in a decentralised manner to avoid cencsorship.

  3. Bitcoin & guns work well together. Financial blacklisting becomes a thing of the passed when it comes to receiving the payments. There are many enthusiastic creators or both sides which consider these tools of the trade.

  4. If they need a mirror DM me I'll hook em up.

  5. Any deposit to any wallet address to withdraw funds is a scam.

  6. ...as if reddit is any better?

  7. This could be a scene out of some warped hipster horror movie.

  8. There is a site done, by I believe a Swiss university, which has API access to do exactly this. I don't have it at hand but I'm sure you can find it with a bit of a hunt.

  9. I think those “digital nomads” are the shitty life coach/entrepreneur/bitcoin trader/social media specialist kinds of digital nomads. Anyone that has a real job lives very well.

  10. Bitcoin traders live well lol

  11. I guess you should post it to see if folks fill it in lol. You will soon get complaints if its overly invasive I'm sure.

  12. Last time I checked cash (the paper "money") is just FIAT Currency. Sorry, but I don't advocate for scams.

  13. Missing the Caymanns, Gibraltar too.

  14. 10 years roughly is our estimate. It isnt mRNA but similar technology.

  15. "Our"? Do you belong to an organization or is that the royal "we"?

  16. That would depend on who is asking and why.

  17. The only purpose of laws is to keep the poor in check. Eat the rich.

  18. So nobody is rich and everybody is in check?

  19. There are better options. Consider a basic rule of programming that the bigger the attack surface that the more likely it has security issues. For Bitcoin, a bitcoin only wallet will also have more features.

  20. east India trading company has entered the room

  21. Its not an issue generally. People here are mostly full of conjecture and bullshit.

  22. Woow, this blew up way more than what I was expecting, I cannot answer every one, but I'll add some additional info at the end.

  23. It can. Sadly its blocked by OpenAI. Pretty shitty thing to do. Obviously by request of their legal team. Can't hack it putting them out of their job ;)

  24. It wont give you anything legal related at all. Not even boiler plate. This is intentional. Try it and see.

  25. Can confirm, information regarding synthesis when talking to a not gave me the same process but referenced different tempretures to cause a reaction. Very odd.

  26. No one has their shit together, it's an illusion, some are just better at pretending they do .

  27. Ohh you best believe kiddo I have my shit together. You don't just walk into my Kitchen and shoe just a little Respect. My fruit bowl had the lemons. You want water motherfucker? Still? Sparkling? Tonic? Chlorinated? Some people do have their shit together. You best believe it.

  28. Actually the majority of the fruit in the bowl was hand picked. I was taking the piss but now you mention it ;)

  29. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoUtoqeEw8U&

  30. I'll take a stab at this... So..

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