1. Give them time. Rome wasn't built in a day.

  2. No, they had more time then they needed. The fix was easy to do, they did it for elden ring in no time. Its just disrespectful to the playerbase.

  3. 35 vigor with the ring of favour +3 and prisoners chain and drakeblood armour

  4. Ah alright, I've beaten every souls game and am nearly done with the plat for ds3. Only thing is the vertebra shackles, though invading at sl150 is tough, everyone uses a meta and they always gank you. Makes it really hard to win fights. But thanks for the help!

  5. Yeah i know (= The more important is to have enough vigor/hp.

  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vS3smNk2QdfyH9V3gRQnwfyuYNesNtIIF-1difpQMHL4XHhaM-73ZyRVAhrv4ZyJXGTEtOHrNnnoxXP/pubhtml

  7. These swords are not worth for strength build. I'd recommend Claymore(GS), zweihander(UGS) or Greatsword(UGS)

  8. LKSS is the best PVE straight sword in the game on a pure dex build. You can get one in Undead Settlement from the small crystal lizard near the bridge or you farm one in the catacombs from the red eyed skeletons.

  9. Thanks, I have only one problem, drop rate of sharp gem I killed them like 5 times (10 total kills) and nothing. But I will try more

  10. Its good, but not the best in terms of dps. Sellwords will be much better.

  11. You have +7 weapons and are at aldrich. by this time you allready invested some points into one of the "build stats", str/dex/int/faith. So raw shouldnt be an option anymore. Raw doesnt scale with anything, so after you reach f.e. 20 strength, heavy will be better infusion.

  12. You started with pyromancer class. Of course you can choose another path, f.e. using strength weapons, but you have that 14/14 int faith wasted. You wear a pyro flame and a pyro ring, so maybe just respec and use a simple longsword, infuse chaos/dark. Vigor to 25, then str/dex so you can weild long sword, attunement to 18, rest into int/faith f.e. 25/25. points left into endurance. At wollnirs you also should have found witch ring, equip for more pyro damage. Look what pyromancies you can buy, dont forget to take a look at Ludleth. Either great chaos fireball or chaos bed vestiges, and great combustion (later switch to black flame).

  13. Great club is not a bad weapon, best hammer is ledos though.

  14. Doesnt really matter what class you started with. You can respec to any build, as long as you have enough points. If you go for sorceries, just make sure to only invest in intelligence (besides str/dex min requirements for weapon) up to 60, and have enough vigor to take some hits (40 is the endgame goal). And equip the coresponding rings for sorceries. Over 50 int switch to court sorcerer staff, bevor that can be played with the "normal" staff.

  15. I see the parallels :D Especially both second games where so different.

  16. This sub leans heavily anti-invader, so I'm just here for the salt. If these nerfs make you mad, I sincerely hope you quit the game and never ever come back.

  17. Lol, so sad... Game so dead allready, that varres quest needs to be changed.

  18. Stats are fine, you can go for 39 or 40 vigor, and 66 strength. I would recommend wearing prisoners chain, havels and ring of favour, put points "left" into vitality, maximize armor.

  19. Its works pretty well on people who dont know it. But the hitbox can fail...

  20. Then theres probably a problem with the mod itself, so you could ask the modder for help.

  21. https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQCy-uBpqqvQCeZ-27NaZNQY4Y3_kx3yaXWplz68ktPFOkTUtMK2Pa-1vx4Xb8vCz2q2Xgfyzku0Obt/pub

  22. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vS3smNk2QdfyH9V3gRQnwfyuYNesNtIIF-1difpQMHL4XHhaM-73ZyRVAhrv4ZyJXGTEtOHrNnnoxXP/pubhtml

  23. https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQCy-uBpqqvQCeZ-27NaZNQY4Y3_kx3yaXWplz68ktPFOkTUtMK2Pa-1vx4Xb8vCz2q2Xgfyzku0Obt/pub

  24. Black Knight Sword is best on 40/40. LKSS is best on dex, also good on quality.

  25. For low levels its ok. Make sure you go str/dex 40/40 if you want to use irrithyl ss all the time.

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