1. This is an MVP answer. Real outside the box thinking, it woulda never occurred to me.

  2. Don't quit. I felt the same way, but it's about be patient and not rushing in. You need to be smart , take your time clearing out enemies, collect resources, be smart with the stuff you pick up. Find the hidden rooms. Make sure you purchase stuff like send chance life, and enhancements that give you better defense and raise your health bar. No your surroundings.

  3. Tyvm to you and everyone else here. You guys have been overwhelmingly encouraging. I managed to beat the boss after Nemesis on my first try (did really well).

  4. You beat Sekiro so this is well within your ability. But there is a learning curve and if developing that skill isn't fun, then give it a pass. It's not worth making yourself miserable. I've been playing Returnal every night for a few weeks. Just took a break to play Guardians of the Galaxy. That game is pure joy.

  5. Thank you SO much, I actually didn't know any of this. You'd think with as popular as this game is, there'd be tons of info out there... and yes, there's a lotta beginner guides. But all of the sites essentially say the same thing.

  6. Honestly, I thought Musk buying Twitter meant nothing would change. I refused to buy into the hype.

  7. I appreciate the time and love that one poster had to have had put into that theory as to why the episode was made, but I just think it can't possibly be right. For starters, most metaphors on TV are never so heavily veiled. Yes, AD isn't most shows & if a show was to do something like this, it could be AD.

  8. are you sure shes not just sitting on his sword?

  9. Was tempted to leave it at 69 upvotes... but U deserve it.

  10. Nope, and the game should be autosaving more than that. Are you 100% sure you're going to lose 9 hours of play?

  11. Unfortunately. I have no idea how it happened... and it's not like I turned off autosave or whatever

  12. Cutting Edge is defined as a two handed sword however you will notice it is a two handed axe

  13. When Roger falls in the pool full of children while he has a sheet of acid in his pocket...buckle up kids!

  14. I think a better question would be if Roger hadn’t killed Millionaire Matt Davis

  15. Idk why some ppl hate this episode so much.... yeah, it's different, but it was still undeniably American Dad. Plus, that's something AD has always done, change its dynamic & fool around with different approaches.

  16. I notice that this drink has a... SUPER FOOD!!! in it, lol...

  17. It really depends on what the person you wanna get to like this show is into. What are their comedy tastes like?

  18. Regardless of what happens, I'm sure Roger will win... but I hope Klaus finishes at least top 5. He's always been funny to me & for like the past 6 or 7 years he's changed into my fave character. Lol.

  19. Extended storage devices dont hold save data, only game data (they are separate). Sonm while you can move the games themselves, you will not be able to transfer save files if its formatted as extended storage.

  20. So ur saying I would have to format one as EXfat and one as USB Extended Storage and maybe I could use a PC to get saved games from one to the other and then finally the PS5?

  21. This is interesting because I just found this thread now. But I tweeted at HBO Max a few days ago and they said "that was strange" & essentially had no idea how to fix it.

  22. What episode does Jeff's diary become a religion?

  23. the most overpowered build is:

  24. Stagger cores are very useful against yokai bosses, consider swapping Shuten for Ippon or Gozuki. You can virtually shut down NMB with Ippon if you have decent anima generation.

  25. I have a pretty good Ippon core, I just never got the hang of him. When do you activate Ippon during NMB's windup or whatever?

  26. You mentioned Tonfa and that's what I used for the longest time to break Ki.

  27. Any specific way to use claws to best effect? I like this approach and if claws are even better than tonfas then I think that's what I need to do.

  28. Most Ki Recovery stats can only show up as a star stat, and can not be tempered onto gear. "Faster Ki Recovery (Amrita Absorption)" can show up on accessories, and "Faster Ki Recovery (Unscathed)/(Critical)" can show up on Helmets and Gloves. However, "Ki Recovery Bonus (Amrita Gauge)" can be tempered onto a Waist piece, so you could try there.

  29. attack bonus (stat) is just a flat bonus to damage based on how many points are spent in the appropriate stat

  30. Ok, but would I be double dipping on the spear and not the sword?

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