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  1. I think you're referring to the washi tapes with the release paper? I don't think they have a specific name but they're common with PET tapes and I've only personally seen it just in the description

  2. Ah, I didn't know it was called release paper, but yep, that's exactly it! I've not had PET material ones, though. Just a thick kind of paper. But this is something new to try and look for :)

  3. They are still just washi tapes. A lot of them do that when the tape has foil detail on it as the adhesive can rip off the delicate foil. But they will also use it on washi tape with a raised texture or a more delicate print job.

  4. Oh I see. Now you mention it, I think the one I had did have foil on. That makes sense! It's a shame I can't search specifically for those kind, though.

  5. I would buy new shipping labels. You can do this online or at the UPS store. I did mine at the UPS store and it was sent fine (received by UKVI today). VFS won't issue new ones, or at least haven't and my biometrics was last week. VFS responded to me and said UPS is aware of the address change and will re-route it, but they sent mine to VFS DC, so honestly I wouldn't risk it getting lost or re-routed elsewhere.

  6. Thank you for your reply! This is what I was starting to realise after a bit more research. I'm glad to know yours was received. It's a shame it was re-routed, though. Thanks again for your help and good luck with your application!

  7. Oh thank you both for the replies! That is such a great help and a relief to know!

  8. the women I follow on YT who do it always have great skin. one talked about how it helped her reverse age and judging from the photos she shared, it looked like it.

  9. Are you allowed to say here who that is? I'm in great need of some inspiration and motivation at the moment! :)

  10. Okay, thank you everyone. My husband did get the email, but wasn't able to open the files. We're going to have to try again

  11. My VFS won't even let you though security without proof of appointment

  12. Thank you for the replies, everyone. I ended up contacting VFS through Twitter. Still no reply yet, and if stays that way, my husband will just try and visit the centre without an appointment

  13. Thank you for the replies. Does it have to be uploaded? What I mean is, my husband says he wanted to print out everything and give the evidence that way. Or will they just copy and upload everything he gives them?

  14. This looks British, yet not. Which makes me think it must be Belgium...

  15. Would it break the rules of this sub for someone to tell me who the fat UK TV presenter was? I'd like to see/hear what she said for myself, even though I'm an American. I suspect that I would strongly agree with her, as an obese person.

  16. I believe it was Alison Hammond

  17. Geography, French and PE (not group sports, though!)

  18. A beautiful chair! It sounds like it was meant for you! Also, I'm curious - did you get it from Finn? Everything about the room looks Norwegian to me :D

  19. I'm a bit late, but could it have been an episode of 'Casualty 1900s'?

  20. Oh my god yes! I had no idea this existed! Skimming through

  21. You're very welcome! I'm glad I could help! I used to love that programme when it was on. I couldn't specifically remember anything TB related in it, but it did sound quite familiar and everything from your description seemed to match up! I'm going to have to go back and re-watch all the episodes :)

  22. Lawrence Fox? He's in his early 40s, but that's who I at first thought was in the photo you linked

  23. Somebody already mentioned 'Strange But True', and that was the programme that first came to my mind. There's an episode on YouTube called Venetian Palace, it could be that one? I watched the episode before and feel like I remember that exact scenario. I don't have time to watch the episode now, but maybe see if that looks familiar!

  24. Yes you can use more than one job. For Cat A, you need to be working all the jobs for 6 months or longer.

  25. Thank you. It seems I've been lucky and have managed to find a job offer already, so that shouldn't be a problem now :)

  26. You can apply to switch from a residence visa (i.e. Work or study etc). You cannot switch from a tourist visa (including a visa free tourist entry). They have to leave and apply from somewhere they are citizen or resident.

  27. I think we're just going to have him leave after those 6 months, then apply using the fast track service

  28. Short answer - no, he’ll need to go back to the US and apply from there. If you have all the documents ready, and use the priority service, then it will likely take a couple a months to get the visa once he applies

  29. Ah okay, that's what we were starting to think was most likely. Thank you for your reply!

  30. I wanted to see the water be fully poured off at the end.

  31. I apologise for what is probably a stupid question, but are the rubber bands to provide a better grip?

  32. I don't like 'perfect' teeth. Not that I like them rotting out of the head, either. But I like teeth with a faint natural yellow colour, as well as a bit of crookedness.

  33. That's exactly what I thought, too!

  34. In Norway I always have strawberry jam or brown cheese (brunost) :)

  35. I used to think that Britannia on the British 50p coin was the tooth fairy.

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