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  1. You’re the one who brought up Americans in a thread about Europe, not Americans themselves

  2. Mans wearing a green robe in front of a green screen

  3. Oh right, cuz how dare Americans have their own version of English

  4. Faster than a 12 year old Ukrainian conscript defending American geopolitical ambitions.

  5. You mean defending their own country

  6. We should be praising and caring about our allies, not dumping on them

  7. It’s dark times when the best chad move they can come up with is “eat chocolate chip” and then reporters gushing like he’s a toddler.

  8. I believe you're taking this too seriously!

  9. Well... he's right. No matter how much you whine :)

  10. The "ThE uS iZa VeRy DaNgErOuS pLaSe" commentary on this site is hilarious. Great place to live, and safe, despite all the shitting on it takes.

  11. exactly correct. these people need to look at the bigger picture

  12. What’s the point of buying it? It’s just a bunch of ice. America should focus on using their money in other things.

  13. Well the reason some people want to buy it is because of the natural resources; there's a shitload in there, so not just ice. It's also in a strategic geographic location.

  14. We have great police forces and we only had 5 school shootings after 1981. Please don't compare us to americans.

  15. Oh right because all americans are terrible violent people

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