1. Somehow my theorymon isn't even the most busted Normal-Type theorymon today. At least it gets chunked by ghold

  2. 252 SpA Choice Specs Palkia Hyper Voice vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Gholdengo: 208-246 (55 - 65%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

  3. Bro really went '' Oh no, these guys are saying that my mon is utterly insane and would get insta banned, let me buff it''

  4. I like that you went the minimalist route with Snorlax. It really doesn't need much. Both Unaware and Slack Off feel natural for Snorlax to have and would greatly benefit its viability. Well done

  5. Ah yes 90/100/150 defenses with Toxic immunity, Synthesis and probably not horrible support movepool what could go wrong

  6. Also it's very uncompetitive. You have to pray that it doesn't have a Tera type that walls half of your team and forcing Covert Cloak on Gholdengos and Corvs is just stupid ( although they do help in some other matchups but you get the point). Salt Cure is beyond stupid especially when you don't know if they're Iron Defense or Rocks+ Protect. I am far from the greatest player in the world but in the 1700s, most of the time I solely rely on Tera Fairy Garga to carry me through every game. It's very fucking stupid. That being said, it's one of the sturdiest checks to Chien so idk for how long the big dumb snow cat will remain in the tier if the boulder gets the axe

  7. I mean both of them have different niches and are both viable. Try using Gardevoir in two consecutive generations where Lele is amongst the strongest mons in the tier. Even the mega is just worse Lele. Please stop whining

  8. Γιατί να βαφτίσεις το παιδί σου; Μα που ζούμε στον μεσαίωνα;

  9. Battle stadium no there isn’t a reason I just like the number 50

  10. I have a colleague who would be considered conventionally handsome. He's also professionally successful and gregarious. You remind me a lot of his late wife, whom he adored. She passed very suddenly without any warning, and he was completely devastated and even did a very physically challenging pilgrimage in her memory.

  11. And it also has the more gimmicky poison touch dire claw set

  12. Dire Claw isn't even gimmicky, it's insanely scary to switch into. It may look cute on paper but if you've played any Randbats, you know how scary the move is with the 16% to put the opponent to sleep. It's not like the mon is a slow and weak wall, it has base 130 attack with 120 speed, an amazing offensive typing, stab cc and U-Turn for momentum. That mon's fucked up

  13. Τι μας νοιάζει τι λένε τα κομμουνια.

  14. Chi-Yu needs to be deleted from the game, Chien Pao needs to get suspect tested but aside from these I don't think they need to ban any mons. Suspect testing Garga and Ape is reasonable but I have no idea what else they're gonna quick ban aside from the stupid fish

  15. Pretty sure tiple battles were axed by Game Freak in gen 7 because they ran horribly and nobody played them

  16. I personally see Chainsaw man as part of the Punk/grunge revival of recent year. Not musically of course but artistically speaking, it’s clearly a story criticizing the ultra-capitalist and money driven society of today, especially how to fit in you have to become a disposable pawn working for someone who consider you a number on a spreadsheet. I think that a good part of the series commentary in part 1 are related to Japanese work culture, Karioshi, alcoholism in the salaryman culture, and how young people want simply to live a fulfilling quiet life whit out getting crushed.

  17. I think so too. It just doesn't feel right if Denji doesn't die once or twice at least. But he's (aspiring to be) Chainsaw Man, and you know how you can't keep CSM dead.

  18. I say this with fear of the reading comprehension devil.

  19. It was never outright said in the manga but I assume she somehow found out that the chansaw devil appeared (be it informants or lower life forms)

  20. I hear that was a bug tho not how it’s actually supposed to go

  21. Yeah I'm pretty sure it's a bug but the kids are in Novigrad and Tomira is alive so hey, everybody wins I guess (except Downarren lol)

  22. If you go to the Whispering Hillock as soon as you talk to the Baron's wife for the first time and free the spirit, you can save the kids and prevent the Baron from taking his own life

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