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Asians and Dairy

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  1. Worst of all, the most oppressive the country, the better the jammer:

  2. remember kid : smoking is bad

  3. Every day I thank God to not be born in the barbaric land of Indochina and Indonesia

  4. so u are Filipinos ? thats worse

  5. im not here to justify it the readucation camp . but imagine post-war and how unstability the country was when the North finally reached South .There wasn't really any other option. Vietnam at the time was still at war and couldn't exactly relax and start fresh. It couldn't just let its former enemies go free or else they would have just tried to regroup and start a new war. Considering the fact that the war started as a result of the south not wanting national unifying elections and preferring to align with foreign nations to start war, there wasn't much reason to assume that if allowed to be free that these people wouldn't try and do the same. and i assume if the opposite happened : the South reach the North , they would do the same . no different

  6. Perhaps I'm wrong and my US education has failed me, but it's amazing we seem to have decent relations with the Vietnamese now. The children during that conflict are grown now and lived through being napalmed and seeing many of their family and neighbors killed in the conflict. I would think they would resent the US.

  7. our father told us to forgive but not forget so those who live on and bear their dream wont be haunted by the shadow of the past

  8. "trafficked girl" Are your source right ?

  9. amriKKKan saying they're a democracy but literally supporting imperialism, genocide of iraqis and afghans, supporting dictatorships in honduras n shit

  10. dont forget Julian Assange for saying the truth to the world . I try to questioning their democracy and freedom are real or just an illlusion to maintain stability in the country

  11. why Filipinos always joking about their existence ?

  12. Yep no one from those subs are actually Japanese or Chinese. Subs with actual Japanese and Chinese people are

  13. your ethnicity was literally made up by th fr*nch

  14. irrevelant . most of French c*cksuckers already fleed to CaLifOrNia , USA . East Lao <3 <3 Laos veri much

  15. Cali already got occupied by Asian immigrants lmao especially S.Vietnam refugees and Chinese

  16. the meme is that Malaysia's core history is of the straits, so between Riau, Malacca/Johor, and West Kalimantan (Pontianak).

  17. Japan's Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere is cringe

  18. Taiwanese and South Vietnam refugees have been repeated that joke since 1960 . help yourself man


  20. their economy is almost fucked up since 2007 . this one just another walk in the park no worries

  21. Kind of a shame they don't at all mention the neutral US' role in the sinking of the Bismarck.

  22. Karma for not mentioning Aussies , New Zealanders , Filipinos , Thais , Pakistanies and Koreans's involvement in the Vietnam War


  24. cant believe i got debunk by a mfker 😢

  25. fuck the Maoist . all me homies hate Maoist

  26. now i knew why mom keep buying me Co Gai Ha Lan everytime i went to kindergarten . thats sure help

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