1. Sitting at your feet I humbly ask with a begging voice, "can we please go to Lidl?"🥺🥔

  2. Thorn: Master didn’t realize we had run out of my meds. I feel tired and pretty shitty. I really need them.

  3. I take full responsability for us being out of her medicine. I should have picked it up in time.

  4. Good thing you told me to leave her home otherwise she would have gotten sick too🥺🤧🤒

  5. Considering the fact that you have been cuddling her all day does make me believe she will get sick anyway😂

  6. The b word is a big trigger for me. I was called that all my childhood so its a hard limit. I have used kink for other trauma though. Over the years Master has helped me work trough trauma. We have delt with my fears and worries of intimacy and many other things. I used to be scared of being seen naked or touched, but today I'm mostly naked and love cuddles. Masters patience and loving approach has helped me so much. Of course I also got professional help. Kink can be therapeutic, but its not therapy as was said.

  7. Oh and it’s dual purpose 😁😈 for obvious reasons ❤️

  8. Colder water can be quite mean, not ice cold, but just below 60°F

  9. Part of scening is suspension of disbelief. Safety is #1 priority, always. Scenes are partly what you bring to it and partly make believe. If it's too cold outside do this inside. Don't even start with a tent if it's too cold to be safe or healthy. Start the scene later when you've already found her and brought her in. Interrogate and seduce her in your barracks and use your basement or even bedroom if that's best. The point is for everyone involved to have a good time and enjoy the scene and that's not going to happen if the setting gets someone sick or injured. The same idea can be applied to the language barrier. Work with what you've got and use your imagination for the rest. You're not shooting a movie. This is grown up make believe and the point is to have fun.

  10. I fully agree with this. I got a bit too caught up in how everything looks. If I were to blindfold her none of it actually matters.

  11. Based on the reaction to your last immersive scene you posted about this seems like maybe a bad idea. Not to mention the not too long ago post about work/life balance. I’m just curious, what lengths have you gone to to prevent what happened last time from happening again? Have you addressed the traumas that were triggered?

  12. Thank you for your concern. Things aren't perfect, but we have adressed the past issues and are both doing better mentally. While planing this scene we discussed past mistakes, the exact scene you mentioned. This military scene is still in the planing process, but will atleast not include sex or the cnc aspect. Schatz is also very aware of this scene and has been excited about planing. Last time when things went wrong she did not know about the scenes nature.

  13. Actual suffering like ilness; hell no. I wish this could be a hard limit🤣

  14. I think the difference lies between what you do for me and what illness causes. You suffer in scenes due to what I do, but actual illness I can not do anything about. I definetly doesn't please me to watch you suffer with back pain and such

  15. Thorn : me and mine have had a bit of a rough moment on sunday. we both cried.

  16. Sorry to hear about your thorn. Things can be tough. Schatz and I struggle sometimes too.

  17. I have plenty of roses and maybe another thorn or two but life is good and I am happy.

  18. Hi everyone. Some of you probably know me already, but for those who don’t.

  19. Hello, I'm usually not around much, but people tend to know what I am up too since little Schatz here writes about everything we do. 😂

  20. I'll drop by and tell you all about my new achievement. I finaly got a plant!

  21. And now I'm responsible for that plant since you aren't home. Schatz I really don't know how to take care of it. We definitely need advice

  22. First piece of ham is the best. Schatz didn’t mention, but we have our little ham tradition too. Usually we prepare it at night whiel everything else is being done.

  23. You said she'll only get to see the room on the second day, but sleeping with contacts can really dry out your eyes. I'd have her take them out on the first day, before going to bed

  24. My plan is to change her out of the contacts in the bathroom or something. I now sleeping in them is bad. Thats why I have a blindfold ready. Safety first

  25. Practice with one eye at a time and have her close the other eye. This way she can acclimate to the feeling of being blind with an eye open and simply open her other eye if she panics. If she can do that comfortably, then try both eyes.

  26. Speaking to her when I am about to do something sounds like a good idea.

  27. She will be blind before she shows up? Is she used to navigating blind? Might want to practice a bit in a familiar environment first. Don't want her busting her nose and costing you your deposit on a botched day

  28. Yeah I am planing on blinding her vefore we go to the hotel. She is used to it in the sense of blindfolds. I will be there to guide her though. Walk slow and hold her hand.

  29. That's my biggest concern. Don't want to cancel the evening when she hits a strange wall. Are you the only person with her in that room? Just curious.

  30. Definitely not. She is pretty used to following my guidance when not able to see so I think that will be fine. Especially in hotes where the place is pretty open

  31. How can i get the avatar that had old typing machine instead of head?

  32. You have to trade for it. Reddit gives avatars randomly so you cant pick

  33. Im sorry i kinda dont know about these things but how can i trade?

  34. I have no idea what I want, but I do know I want to play. Me and wifey have some plans for kinky play and scenes. I suppose I don’t even need the materialistic things when I have her to use😂

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