1. Nah all that fake try hard wannabe woke and mysterious shit is trash

  2. This has big DJ Khaled stan vibes when anything that isn't pop rap is mysteeeeriousssss

  3. That's 3 comments about DJ Khaled. Is he like Mr Anti-woke for yall? 🤣

  4. Nah it's cos DJ Khaled got salty when IGOR debuted at number one instead of Father of Asahd so he went on social media and called it "mysterious shit"

  5. If you like experimental instrumental hip hop then the YAYAYI self-titled album (yes, he is legit called that) is really cool and not really talked about much at all.

  6. I think an album with highlights and lowlights is better cos I come back to it more often - like Random Access Memories I listen to a bunch of the songs all the time but insta skip Lose Yourself To Dance. I feel like a consistent OK album is more forgettable

  7. Genuinely I think Eminem might be a good place to start for you, Marshall Mathers LP is his classic album. The Real Slim Shady was legit my gateway drug into hip hop

  8. I'm surprised that 1959 didn't even cause like a slight bounce-back in mainstream popularity despite so many essential albums being released at that time.

  9. Definitely check out Matthew Halsall and the Gondwana Label. I really love their live performance of “Salute to the Sun”

  10. Maisha's "There is a Place" is great and very much inspired by Pharoah Sanders/Alice Coltrane/etc. Other artists from the London jazz scene tend toward that style too, usually with a heavier afrobeat influence.

  11. You may not have heard of this guy cos he's sort of niche but Eminem is a cool rapper I like a lot

  12. Least is Kodak Black, not least because of his voice but also his personal history

  13. Imo A Love Supreme is possibly the closest thing we have to a truly flawless album since every track is a highlight in some way - no low moments.

  14. Psyence Fiction by UNKLE sounds like a sci-fi movie set after the destruction of a galaxy. It's a definitive trip hop album and has features from Kool G Rap, Mike D from the Beastie Boys and Thom Yorke from Radiohead just to name a few. Would highly recommend

  15. The most recent Lingua Ignota

  16. Wish you were here is incredible as well! Enjoy!

  17. Big ups on the Animals profile pic. Would also highly recommend to OP

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