1. Was it a Savi's build? If so, just keep the blade in the sleeve they give you and you can bring it on the plane. It will fit in the overhead.

  2. I’m leaning toward that but I think i’ll get the nicer blade bag so it looks less obvious lol

  3. I’m pretty heavy into SHF Ultrafigures at this point. Decker is great and looks gorgeous. The only thing I’ll say against him is the same thing that’s been true for all the “main Ultra” releases, and that is a severe lack of accessories - you can only get his sword if you buy Terraphaser and he doesn’t have a beam effect. As far as the actual figure goes, all the SHF Ultras are fantastic and he’s one of my favorites.

  4. No but he comes with it and hands for Decker to hold it. I mean I guess you could stick it in his claw lol

  5. The return of my favorite Star Wars creature in an excellent Alien themed episode to boot! Hot damn!

  6. Really? I felt that it was way better than the Trigger film imo

  7. I disagree. Triggers movie had a bunch of fun set pieces, a great final battle and really felt satisfying.

  8. I felt that Trigger's film was severely hampered by the show. I cared very little for any of the characters and the betrayal was something I saw coming from a mile away. Even then, his motivations were weak, though at least more creative than Decker's antagonist (who's name I already forgot). As for set pieces, both felt typical imo since one is in your generic city whilst the other is in the mountain side. What worked for me with Dinas was simply the added lore that Dyna has the ability to bestow power unto others and it actually answered where Decker actually came from. Z's presence in Trigger's film was pretty much unnecessary. In general I felt more emotion watching Decker's film than I ever did for Trigger, due in part to the weak writing of the latter's series. Evil Trigger was fire tho.

  9. While I agree that Trigger had a much weaker show and cast that. Decker, I thought Triggers final did a lot better with the cast then the show did. Triggers film felt like it fixed a lot of problems with the series, while Deckers film felt almost entirely unnecessary. It was a weaker version of the finale that Decker already did.

  10. So apparently you can buy the golden mini set with gold now. I wasn’t paying attention and am now out 10k gold.

  11. I’m rewatching it too, and I also feel it’s better than I remember.

  12. First time I’ve ever seen the “Fast Forwarding” screen.

  13. I’m going to Batu West in about a month. I’ve gotten Savis reservations but missed Olga’s. This is the second time I’ve been to Batu, and because I missed it the first time, I really want to do Olga’s - what are the odds I’ll be able to walk in without too much hassle?

  14. A tender, perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked cut of ribeye from a top end steak house will do it for me.

  15. At the end of the ride right before we exit the boats the skipper said, “if you liked this ride thank you my name is John and this is the Jungle Cruise, if you didn’t then my name is Tom, and this has been Pirates of the Caribbean” 😂

  16. I was coming to post this one but mine was “Pinnochios Daring Journey”.

  17. If you’re like me and can’t keep up with the main trainer, always look to the side trainers. But even with them there’s some things (burpees in particular) I cannot do - best way to spot those is to look for Hitt workouts that don’t require a mat.

  18. The nearest showing is 2 hours away from me, Can’t manage that on a weeknight. :(

  19. It's a focus episode to such an extent that Kanata may as well not show up at all, lol. No qualms about it apart from the weird editing of the henshin sequence though.

  20. Lovecraft County is based on the works of HP Lovecraft - his book Shadow Over Innsmouth is the origin story for the Deep Ones, who worship great Cthulhu in the sunken city of Ryl’eh - which, yes, is where Ultraman Tiga fought the actual Lovecraft Old One Ghantoa.

  21. "The incident in the American town of Innsmouth."

  22. If I had a nickel for every time Lovecraft has been mentioned in Ultraman, I’d have three nickels, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird it happened this many times. Ragon a Deep One is now my personal fanon.

  23. I remember a standup comic had a joke about how his parents named him “Juston” because he was born “just on time”, and he was like “yeah but I could’ve been born JUST IN time and it’s the same stupid joke.”

  24. Hi I’m Brian, spelled B-RI-G-H-T the number 7 and the letter Q! BRENNAVENNEN

  25. Aizen was easily the best villain of the new generation. Such a shame they wrote him out half way through.

  26. The old Star Wars CCG by Decipher had two wonderful CCG systems in a game that ended up fairly bloated (especially as time went on). The first was the idea that your deck was your life - it was used for drawing, resources and life management - when your deck was completely empty, you lost. Every turn you would “activate” a number of cards, which would be how much you could spend that turn. Any you didn’t spend you could choose to draw or save, and what was spent was recycled to the bottom of the deck. And when you lost life points, you could lose from your hand or deck. It was a phenomenal system.

  27. "one man, alone, betrayed by the country he loves!"

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