1. Same. I saved up enough to be able to relax for the month of may

  2. I will say, last spring we were in a much worse place then we are now. We do still use cerner and medi tech but we’re transitioning to epic soon. And although we may be a shit show, we’re generally friendly to our travelers.

  3. Awesome… thanks for the comment/advice. I have heard that you guys are very traveler friendly — which is so good to have.

  4. UC davis in Sacramento is a level 1 trauma /teaching hospital. Treats travelers like staff . Been there over 9 months and staying till the year mark then returning after I take my 4 week break. I definitely recommend it. I get only 4 patients maximum in the ER. 1:1 if they are ICU acuity plus a FULL HOUR for lunch . Take home 3200$/wk for 36 hrs .

  5. Woah!!! That is unheard of! Are they still hiring travelers? Contracts over here in NY are starting to get canceled/dry up… but I feel like it’ll pick back up in the fall/winter.

  6. I used to go to a local divey bar and bring my laptop. I’d sit at a booth with some beer and get work done!

  7. Very true, I don't have to spend a whole evening out if I don't like it. Baby steps, right? Thanks for your tip!

  8. Of course! Can I ask what your reasoning is for wanting to go out to a bar alone?

  9. He’s like dad why are y’all doing this I’m still a baby 😂

  10. He is literally the most precious hippo. Happy birthday!!!! 🎈🎉🎂

  11. Buy a table so he can jump through it for initiation

  12. Don’t pressure yourself into thinking that you’re not being “healthy” right now, or that you’re falling into unhealthy habits. Your body might need this time to rest and recover. To build itself back up.

  13. Maybe lightly shade behind the rest of the Roman numerals? Just to even it out…. But as light as the blow out is. It kind of looks like clouds though lol!

  14. 4 weeks at my hospital. Even when I dropped down from full time to per diem, I gave them 4 weeks.

  15. Sucks to suck. Parent should’ve been watching him more carefully.

  16. Wow really? That is interesting.. Can I ask where you’re located?

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