1. I bought a gameboy player last year and I absolutely love it

  2. I’d say do some kind of challenge run like a solo mon, nuzlocke, randomizer, or even try a rom hack.

  3. Nah, just give us all the gba games on the switch

  4. New to minecraft which version does this work with?

  5. I liked it for trying to beat it with a single Pokémon and now having to deal with HMs

  6. Easily shuppet so I’d have a homie in the afterlife

  7. All kanto pokemon are done! You can check him out here:

  8. I assume any wide mouth insert would fit it

  9. Lychee is my favorite but it only comes in one size. Waugh candy is a really great support flavor.

  10. Got a crit catch on my shiny Foretress with a plain old PokeBall and used Golduck with Damp to prevent Explosion. Am I the only one who literally never uses my Master Ball anymore? It feels pointless 😅

  11. It’s saved for shiny Abra/Ralts or anything else that flees

  12. I’m so fucking jealous mine isn’t here yet

  13. Yeah my friend doesnt have his order yet either. His last update was the 22nd

  14. Mine just got updated so I’m hoping it will be here tomorrow

  15. Anytime I play skull servants and magic cylinder bites me in the ass

  16. Has anyone made popsicles with gamer supps yet?

  17. I would love to put it in one of those premium ice makers that makes the good crunching ice.

  18. Yeah I got the new Pokémon switch dock and legend of Zelda 3ds

  19. Nope, I went back and played through most of the first game after beating the 3rd birthday multiple time

  20. Try out the second game, it's my favorite and the most cherished game from my childhood! If ya' need any ePSXe emulator settings (to make it look like it did on a CRT TV) hook me up!

  21. Add a marshmallow like you would for brown sugar? Or just add it to a bath to have a flavored bubble bath

  22. Yah it's nice, especially since it holds a little more than the shakers

  23. Agreed. Tho I may get a few and put the stickers on em.

  24. That’s a good idea, I usually put the clear ones on my PC.

  25. I mistook your tambourine for a Pewdiepie roomba

  26. I got the dungeon dice monster card for this and is has been a favorite ever since

  27. Ohh! Def gotta try it that way! I’ve never had it so I took a shot ordering it based off the comments here saying how good it was

  28. It’s by no means bad cold. I just prefer less sweetened tea in general

  29. Thanks for the tip! I lovee sweet tea (basically raised by parents who grew up in the south lol) but also love not so sweet tea, so glad for the variety!

  30. It’s just crazy how big of a difference water temp makes with the flavor

  31. Yeah, I got both Fanny packs for the recent sale so I can’t complain.

  32. I just got the deal for the actual water bottle with a lid and the Fanny packs. Probably will just try to wait for deals from now moving forward.

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