1. Zach's started the excuses already of "you don't know the full story", I mean yeah there's no live feeds but they blatantly said "we'll walk if we can't convince them to keep me"

  2. Wow, Kane would've gotten the idol? Maybe he's doing better in this game than a lot of us expected.

  3. Him and Danny may as well have been facing away from Carolyn cause they talked out of their asses so much. They're going to be in deep trouble.

  4. He fumbled it hard this week. Probably shouldn't have made Carolyn the decoy, and might've overstepped with her at tribal.

  5. First Raps game I've ever been to, and it was a great time!

  6. I think the guys are gonna try and get Santina to put up JM. He cooked himself

  7. Does Holl have dirt on Keefe or something? I don't like where this is headed

  8. Totally. We should also make them play with opposite hand sticks and an eye patch on one eye

  9. So did Dallas and Winnipeg handshake and agree to let Colorado come up and win the Central

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