1. A town called panic is a hilarious French stop motion film. Very funny gags and voice acting with creative animation

  2. Please do not tell me he is calling the new Guillermo Del Toro Pinocchio woke… he would align with the facists in that movie anyways

  3. No one is oppressing you moron. You’re being pointed out and fact checked because you’re a fucking liar and complete idiot

  4. Does he not realize that strong female leads in media have existed since fucking forever? Oh wait I forgot these people don’t watch any kind of movie for some reason that isn’t a big blockbuster. Cause if they actually bothered to watch any other film besides those they’d have a heart attack from the amount of strong female leads in films. He’d probably die if he watched The Handmaiden, Decision to Leave, tár or everything everywhere all at once because it has strong female characters that hold their own, and 3 of the 4 of those movies have them be gasp lgbt members.

  5. I killed him in about 20 seconds flat with comet azur and adula’s moonblade. I did it mainly cause I wanted to get to Godfrey and finish the fucking game

  6. First generation yes, second generation no. I am a beastman appreciater more than anything

  7. Honestly I had no idea if it'd let me use it but it's mostly so my friends can find me more easily lmao

  8. I wasn’t making fun of it. Just saying you have good taste lol

  9. I think Bardo is obscure? Idk completely, but other ones I think that would be good are tár, banshees of inisherin and decision to leave

  10. Bardo was way, way too long. I understood what it was trying to do but by the time the movie makes it’s point, it doesn’t really justify the time spent watching the movie.

  11. I thought it was a little too long in the sense of some scenes just not needing to be as long as they were.

  12. I had no idea that was a thing in the game. That’s pretty hilarious

  13. What directors do you not like that everyone else seems to love?

  14. Yes, he makes some awful videos, but then he can also make some pretty good ones, like this Cool cat video (I really disliked though how he makes an off hand comment referring to Pyrocynical though in the cool cat video)

  15. Again, it shows to me how he still holds a grudge against him even though he was proven wrong

  16. It didn’t even need to be put in the cool cat video, it wasn’t even a point he was making, it’s kind of like he treats it more as a joke.

  17. Anything by junji ito, but steel ball run is also a good one. Although that started off as shounen and then turned into seinen. Some I would love to read are things by Urasawa, Usogui, and Tokyo Ghoul

  18. Need to see it, would’ve seen it yesterday probably if Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio wasn’t playing in a theater near me

  19. I’m sorry everyone… but does Blaidd have a knot?!

  20. Well some special art on the internet would say yes, or you could find out yourself😏

  21. It was him and Mauler reviewing it and they nitpicked it to shit and complained about the politics.

  22. You serious? Why can’t it just be written off as an line that was just kind of meh for them in terms of writing? I don’t get it

  23. Walking out to leyndell to see the dragon and erdtree accompanied with that sounds like a Colin Stetson with that saxophone met lord of the rings. Such a fantastical moment

  24. About the rating I expected, although I gave it an 8/10. It might change when I watch it a second time on Netflix, but I really enjoyed it. The cinematography, editing and camera work was some of the best I’ve seen all year I think (although Northman, tár, decision to leave and banshees are pretty great too in that department). Really love the dreamy feel to it and the acting was all really great. Some things that bothered me though was for me personally there were scenes that could’ve been trimmed down that went on for a little too long. There was a cgi effect that happens that looks mostly great in shots, but not great in others. Mainly in motion is when it looks a little strange. Still I really like the film.

  25. If you want to know what's in it then watch it rather than getting someone's biased explanation of it. Also the way you say propaganda make sit seem as if everything opinionated counts as propaganda.

  26. ...god, people are gonna have a field day with that title when they write their op-eds if it's bad...

  27. I’m hoping it’s not. Ari Aster has been on a pretty good roll so far, so I have faith this will be great too

  28. It wasn’t tedious or really bad for me, but mountain tops was kind of one. The problem I have with it is that it is such a cool area visually and exploration wise, but it’s so small. For a place that is very important lore wise, I would have loved more stuff to do in it. Except remove those huge spider hands. Those things can fuck off

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