What substances are you addicted to?

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  1. Lola Bunny from the original Space Jam.. I can’t give an explanation sorry

  2. I know some people have had issues with custom night vision but Ben hooked me up very good. Good prices hes a busy guy so I had to wait for replies but it was all worth it in the end. Dude was texting me at 2am with specs and my new build. 10/10 would recommend.

  3. Public restrooms it’s F3 all the way.. keeps the noise level down.. at home though, it’s E5

  4. My opinion is that there isn’t as much variety with the animals themselves. The game checks all of the boxes when it comes to being popular. But with only 2 maps and a handful of animals on each one, it became monotonous very quickly in terms of streaming. Not to mention every 5* looks nearly identical to the next.. that’s just my opinion though

  5. A .556 is more deadly than a .22 for the same reasons a .308 is more deadly than a .556.. point proven

  6. “What do you mean you can’t patch it?!” - also the customer

  7. MW19 was my last COD. Haven’t touched them since. WZ was the nail in the coffin for me.

  8. Suppressors are actually more readily available, and even required by law for use in hunting (animals) in some areas of Europe that traditionally have much stricter gun control. The whole idea of suppressors being used by bad guys for nefarious purposes, and making the gun completely silent is pure Hollywood, in reality all they do is make forearms more hearing safe to use. Even with a suppressor a gun is still as loud as a jackhammer . That’s it.

  9. First can from the website, like a week. Second can in store maybe an hour.

  10. Gotcha. I know it hasn’t been terribly long but everyone I’ve asked and everything I’ve seen, seems to be an average of around 2 days 👍

  11. When I ordered mine, it took about 2 days after I paid to prepare for signing, then I think another day or 2 to confirm the documents were good after signing. After that it was shipped to my LGS.

  12. Thanks for your input. Maybe it’s because I purchased mine on a weekend? I think I’ll give it until tomorrow and if I still haven’t gotten anything, I’ll call my dealer and see if they can give me some more information. Thanks again

  13. My favorite trophy is a super rare whitetail (271 melanistic)

  14. 42 days 23 hours and 15mins.. I can’t tell if I’m proud or ashamed

  15. Reach out to SS on this as I'm not familiar with the Single Shot trust process.

  16. I’ll reach out to my dealer and ask about it. I’ll definitely look into the National Gun Trust and most likely go that route on my next purchase! Again, many thanks for the info you provided! I really appreciate it!

  17. On the SS kiosk I selected the “Single Shot Trust” but after I selected that, nothing else was done or said about it. I was under the assumption that maybe it was something done later down the line.

  18. Red Deer grind in New Zealand. Got my great one in about 1,100 kills.. I’m thinking “awesome! Hell yeah that didn’t take much time at all.” I went to bed.. got up the next morning and hopped back on and 2 rotations later, a 2nd one spawned. 2 GO red deer with about 40 kills between them.

  19. Speed traps on highways. Literally there only to generate revenue for the state and ruin people’s day/week

  20. Great one from what we know isnt effected by heard management its effected my number of kills, its just rng on when it will spawn some people its taken 6000 kills others 1500.

  21. 7500 for me while doing heard management.. it was brutal.

  22. Nicotine.. specifically vapes. I’ve been heavily addicted since 2017. Weird that this post shows up now because I’m actually trying to quit. I just finished up my last disposable and I’m about to start my nicotine patches. I’m REALLY wanting to pull through from this. I’ve been abusing my lungs and my wallet long enough!

  23. I still have my OG iPod. I’d absolutely love to see what music is on there. I just haven’t made an effort to purchase one of the old style chargers for it yet. Lol

  24. This is my truck gun. I’ll take it plinking every now and again. No complaints from me! Solid handgun

  25. If I were this poor woman’s relative and saw this footage, I truly believe I would go full blown Frank Castle and make it my life’s mission to hunt them down and make them pay. Fuck the legal system. I’d take matters into my own hands.

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