1. They're a jazz band. Under the general umbrella of fusion. That's where live improv really started (with jazz I mean, not fusion specifically). You wanna know where the modern jam sound came from? Check out Mahivishnu Orchestra and Return to Forever. Some ppl consider MMW psy-fusion, or psy-jazz, although that term was already applied to guys like Donald Byrd and Pharaoh Sanders, so that part is debatable.

  2. Just for reference, don't need a primer on McLaughlin or Corea or the bands they were in.

  3. I mean, you're literally the only person I've ever herd refer to MMW as a jamband. They've played on plenty of jamband bills, but they are most definitely considered jazz. I promise you, if you go into a record store looking for MMW, you'll find it in the jazz section 100% of the time. They came out of the Brooklyn jazz scene, and I guarantee you, they consider themselves a jazz band. They release their albums on jazz labels. Heck, look at Billy Martin's drum set. It's a straight jazz kit. But it really doesn't matter. Call it whatever. I'm just sayin. Not every band that improvises live is a jamband. Do you consider Bela Fleck and the Flecktones a jamband too? I don't mean to be argumentative. I swear. I'm glad you enjoy it. Call it polka if it trips your trigger. I grew up around jazz players though.

  4. Do a search for "MMW" on the jambands reddit and let me know how many hits you get.

  5. First off, let me say that PGroove was incredibly formative for me around 05-08. I fell in love with SOA and ATE; they lived in my car for years. Started seeing them at festivals - incredible. And they were my first multi-night run outside of a festival setting - traveled for their New years shows in 06 or 07. Absolutely incredible time! Big theaters full of people who had found something special. It really was magic. It honestly changed my life - so much happiness, incredible trips - amazing community.

  6. That's what I get for buying the ticket like 3 months in advance and then relying on memory for the date

  7. Charlotte resident here for an NC show. Got N1 ticket off COT, working on N2. Been a tough ticket to track down!

  8. I dunno man, after Taboose I think my actual dream has already been fulfilled. Still think back to when I watched Bingo tour back in the day and think it's nuts that I got to see Taboose like 2 years later

  9. I actually prefer the new guitar. Seems lighter, like there was a heavy lacquer on the PRS and it got taken off. To my ears it has a more dynamic tone that I like better.

  10. Huh feel like a spring tour animals jam went minor but not sure what date I was listening to

  11. Think he passed off duties, think he talked about it in that uproxx piece

  12. Both Billy Strings and Goose are super hot right now and are mid-tour, would advise listening to a couple recent shows and enjoying some great tunes / forming a hot take to join the online opinion party.

  13. My cousin showed me A Live One when it came out. Bouncing got me hooked, Stash fucking sealed the deal.

  14. Just don't have non-metal cabinets or you're gonna have a big mold problem

  15. MMW because they won't do a full tour anymore and haven't for years

  16. "RM: Some people just live on the road, I guess. But we’re not built for 250 shows a year and never want to ever do that."

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