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One in five adults don’t want children — and they’re deciding early in life

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  1. That was going to be my question. Surely there is a place he can go.

  2. Many Americans are surprised by how difficult it can be to emigrate fully. Yes, you can travel on holidays to most of the world, but getting permanent residence and/or the right to work can be more difficult than people realise. Just go visit

  3. Isn't it a lot easier if you can prove that you're a citizen of descent? Obviously not everyone will be but a lot of people are.

  4. It is easier if you're lucky enough to have it as an option, yes.

  5. Do you think he meant the kid has to sleep next to him each night? Isn't allowed to have a door on their room? Or maybe they can't have a lock on the door? And can't block them on social media?

  6. That's clearly his goal, but how do you think he's enforcing that? What is and isn't allowed in his house?

  7. Vegan rice cassarole with spinach, artichoke and white beans. It's a "dump and bake" recipe, so it's really easy. And it's rice-based, so super filling. One of my favourites.

  8. This recipe calls for nutritional yeast flakes which, in my experience, is not something that non-vegans usually have in their pantry. The purpose is to add a quasi-cheesy flavour. I'm not really a fan of nutritional yeast, and my feeling is that the recipe would be just fine without it.

  9. I’m a meat eater and use nutritional yeast all the time. Love it on popcorn and make vegan cheese sauce often. Love it!

  10. Yeah I don't doubt that there will be some meat-eaters who do like it, and I'm glad you do! It's just that my experience is just that most (but not all) non-vegans just default to using real cheese for many places where a vegan would use it, e.g. in sauces or dressings.

  11. The 31st was a Sunday, I think it is reasonable to give notice first thing in the morning on the 1sst.

  12. Even just threatening to go to the tribunal should be enough to get them to quit their bullshit.

  13. Thanks for the reply - it is incredibly shitty considering there is so much interest in the property. It feels lazy. Also the managers had already put the listing online near the end of july because the tenant had expressed that they were most likely not renewing. They were literally in a conversation with the managers.

  14. Wow yeah. Then that is extremely shitty. But not unsurprising for property managers. I have rarely had a good experience with them.

  15. Stereotypes are dangerous. I've worked in software engineering for the last few years and all the indians I've worked with have been excellent at their jobs.

  16. I doubt there exists a study that could definitively tell you. It'd be really hard to discern as many religious people who have mental issues are unlikely to report them where they would get counted up, instead turning to their religion for the answer.

  17. I'd guess that mental health tracks with community and belonging, which are things that religion provides indirectly. So declining mental health has nothing to do with a separation from "god" but rather from isolation and the slow dissolution of communities that were centred around church, etc.

  18. While this is an interesting story, this sub is meant to be for sharing peer-reviewed research papers. See rule 1.

  19. Yep. I did this with oyster mushrooms last week and would recommend:

  20. Why on earth do people WANT crusts? Gimme the middle all day every day.

  21. With regular pizza, I agree with you. The crust is just dry bread. But on pan pizza like this (or skillet pizza), the crust is delicious. The cheese and sauce flows over the edge and becomes all crispy and delicious.

  22. Patents are also only as good as your ability to defend them. Unless you're a large company with a big share of the market, it often doesn't make sense to spend money defending your intellectual property. If a dozen different people around the country copy your idea, you can't sue all of them. It also doesn't always make sense to get international patents, and if you don't also get a patent in China and someone there starts producing knock-offs, you're SOL.

  23. I absolutely hate them and would never have them in my own garden however I understand that some people like them and therefore would never even dream of complaining if neighbours were to put them up - live and let live!

  24. Generally, yeah, I also follow the "live and let live" approach. But it really depends on the situation. If they're right next to my bedroom window so I can't sleep on a windy night, then I'm going to have a word and ask them to move them somewhere else.

  25. I guarantee that dhe considers her gold digging to be "earnings".

  26. Yeah, but the anti abortion laws have nothing to do with religion, it has to do with the right ti life of the fetus vs. the right to choose by the mother. Just remember, the girl who was born from Roe v. Wade is happy she is alive. At the same time, there are plenty of situations where endangering the mother should be a consideration. Neither side is looking at this properly. It is not black and white and it is not simple just because you think it is.

  27. If you don't mind me asking, is there a certain site or bundle of components you reccommend for a complete beginner?

  28. Just to add to what others have said here: you might see the term "Arduino clone" when you search for a kit. This is because the Arduino design is open source so there are a lot of companies making their own copies.

  29. From experience I’d say a lot. People get annoyed with babies in restaurants and planes.

  30. I was in a pub in London last week. It was quiet, around lunch time, and a couple had a baby with them that was crying. Some old man yelled that the baby should shut up, but everyone just kind of laughed at him. Someone eventually said that he himself looked like an upset baby and then I couldn't unsee it after that. It was hilarious.

  31. It is really good. I made some last week. The jalapeno+cheddar+feta is an excellent combo.

  32. I can’t understand why people who distrust our government are considered right wing nut jobs!? Anyone who trusts our government wholeheartedly without question is a naïve fool.

  33. The ironic thing is that belief in conspiracy theories often stems from what would otherwise be a very healthy sense of scepticism. It's good to question what is told to you. But when people stray into the territory of trying to find proof for foregone conclusions, that's when the wheels fall off.

  34. People quoting anywhere upwards of 4% are pure scaremongering or don’t have the right level of credit to get a decent rate mortgage, it’s never happening

  35. I hope you're right but I'm less confident. I've got a very good credit score according to Clear Score, and I was quoted 3.5% earlier this month and it was only 1.5% just a short while ago. Also, it was over 8% in the late 90s, wasnt it?

  36. It was 8% back in 1998 and as high as 6% 14 years ago. Was yours a first time mortgage or a remortgage? We bought ours 2 years ago at 1.71% but we were blessed with a 20% deposit which made the world of difference. It seems like standard borrowing affair looking at the markets, it’s all about what you can afford, if you’re requiring a longer mortgage you’re at the mercy of the banks. I’m going to look at reducing ours down to maybe 10/15 to go when my fixed rate runs out which will be 2025 so I hope my positivity isn’t naivety

  37. It's out first mortgage, and we're also putting down a 25% deposit. Again, I hope your optimism is correct but I am less convinced.

  38. I'm just learning this stuff - Can you ELI5 or link a good tutorial/yt video?

  39. I can't help you with plant ID or info but I can suggest you get the app "picture this". You take photos of the plant, and it suggests an ID (giving you other photo examples to confirm) and then gives you care info. You can also use it to diagnose issues like yellowing leaves or pests. Give it a go.

  40. Ahh thank you. I’m just learning how to correctly do if statements. This now makes so much sense.

  41. FYI, in the future instead sharing a screenshot of your code, you should instead cut and paste it into a site like pastebin.com and then put a link to it in your post. That way, people can more easily edit and correct your code and share the results back.

  42. No no no. Testing for HSV is NOT ACCURATE. Don't continue to spread that message. It should not be a part of STD screening until it is fully accurate. Every single doctor has told me this and discouraged testing, because there are false positive and false negatives. I ignored them and got tested anyway and came up negative for everything including HSV-1, which I obviously have because I've had cold sores my entire life.

  43. Perhaps I'm just being dense, but how exactly does a false negative encourage spreading more than a HSV-positive person not testing at all? If an infected person doesn't get tested, they'll be oblivious to their status and thus they'll probably just assume they aren't infected. This is more or less exactly the same outcome as if they do get tested but get a false negative. It seems to me that in both cases, they'll assume they're negative and continue to spread the virus.

  44. I'm glad to see that these small-minded, hateful responses are getting downvoted into oblivion. It shows that your bigotry is going the way of the dinosaurs. The only frustrating thing is that, in a few years, assholes like you will pretend you were cool with trans people all along.

  45. If it helps your symptoms then that's great for you. But until its ability to halt transmission in humans is demonstrated in robust clinical trials, you should assume it is as ineffective as any other drug that has been tried for this purpose. It's the sad truth, but it's important to prevent lots of people spreading the virus further after assuming they're "cured".

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