Lycoris Recoil - Episode 11 discussion

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  1. Aaahh he said crewmates AMOGUS REFERENCE

  2. Went to have a KFC offshoot To a dictator of a shithole of a country To a fucking dick

  3. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at that

  4. I suppose you didn't know whats goin on

  5. Yeah I know, this place can be... Interesting And not in a good way imo lmao

  6. Alright, the Doujins name is Yukiyukite

  7. Im starting to think Majiam is just Joker

  8. If its okay to this like.. once a week?

  9. Not only is this template like 3 years old. Its also unfunny to me. So no

  10. Aght aght, guess I'll cancel this feat. It was fun while it lasted

  11. Here in the Philippines When the clock hits 12am in September Get ready to hear the Christmas cheer

  12. We get it man, the Doujin left a scar on us

  13. There is one community that is not pleased with what you're doing

  14. i love the scene where she says "for the führer!" and blows herself off at the meeting.

  15. I swear theres a subreddit dedicated to this kink

  16. Imagine feeding her own kids to her and say:

  17. I hope you have the same fate as mitty

  18. Its available to us here in the Dog Country

  19. Been a while since ive played that game

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