1. As I PT I love love love this thread ❤️ Someone else mentioned we are burnt out, which is true, and these comments gave me a boost after a tough day feeling under appreciated.

  2. Are we the same person?! Same boat. I started taking NAC (N acetyl-cysteine) which is an over the counter supplement. It works on a neurotransmitter in the brain linked to addiction. Literally started it and day one onward I have had zero impulse to eat when I’m not hungry! It’s been fantastic and isn’t expensive. Give it a shot to help get things under control

  3. Avoiding gluten without medical necessity can create nutritional deficiency. There are studies coming out that are showing higher health risks etc too.

  4. I literally asked this two days ago with only one response… glad you’ve got some good tips here, I’ll be using them too since I just started metformin. Have an appt with my OB next week and I’ll ask about it.

  5. I understand - same thing happened to me on maternity leave. I have no friends at all in the area, moms or otherwise. My husband is a SAHD and an amazing father. With our outdated gender roles “switched” we basically cannot find any friends or people who relate. It’s lonely for sure. I wish I had advice but I’m in the same boat and my oldest is 3yrs. We think maybe once kids are in school we will meet parents who also work? Hard to tell. Good luck OP it’s a rough world out there.

  6. How do you feel about acetaminophen for infants when they are teething? When to use and how much is too much?

  7. It’s perfectly fine. Dosage instructions are on the bottle, just use as directed

  8. Just dropping my bralette selection. True kind by Shapermint is fantastic. I’m a 38F and get their 2xl. It’s the everyday throw on wireless bralette that I ordered! So insanely comfy and very on sale today!

  9. Does noggin include every season? I recall paramount having only like 6 or 7 when we did free trial

  10. Nope Noggin only has season 7 just like paramount plus :( Exactly the same

  11. Yep sadly nothing new and I can’t seem to find out if they’ll ever release the other seasons on streaming :/

  12. We tried the Amazon fire. It's super slow and is bogged down with ads unless you pay more for the ad free version. We got a Samsung tablet for my kid when she turned three and it works great, easier to use, and will be able to be used for years. Plus it was under $100 so not as expensive as buying an ipad

  13. Wait a minute…. Why on earth would an Amazon tablet have ads?! Please explain as we are looking too

  14. My favorite is “lay down, sunny side up” and they will always do it right 😂😂

  15. I’ve been using for nearly 3 months no period. Starting to think it won’t happen….

  16. Do what you need to do for your mental health!! I would say to tell them that your kiddo has been sick and you don’t want to spread it to anyone. I have a toddler too, and I completely understand not wanting to travel that far for a get together when you’re just gonna be taking care of them there. I wish people would understand that… But in laws seem notoriously blind to the struggles we have. I have a three-year-old and a nine month old, and we set very clear boundaries this year. If people want to see us, they can come to our house for the holidays. If they don’t want to come to us, we are not going to them. End of story. (we are the only ones in both families with small kids, so there really is no excuse.)

  17. I really like the glucose revolution!! I follow her Instagram too. I started feeling better within the first week (no more fatigue and cravings getting better) and have been following her recommendations + inositol and my acne is clearing! Unfortunately I’m in month 2 with no period (last one in Sept but caused by my last round of birth control). Hoping to see some good news from other comments.

  18. If all else fails, and/or while they still struggle and are working on strengthening, a leg lifter works wonders!

  19. Love sharing this one: I had an older lady (early 70s) who got Covid right in March 2020, and she was in the hospital on a ventilator for a few weeks, then an LTACH for three months. Discharged to a SNF where I saw her at a completely dependent level. 258 days of therapy later and she is independent with everything ❤️ She worked her butt off 5x/wk for months and months on end without a single complaint. We did a going home party for her and there was not a dry eye. I am blessed to work where I got to see her at home several times after and to this day see her in passing at our health center. She is such an inspiration, and the sweetest person ever. Literally the poster child of why I do this job.

  20. Your in the wrong sub community. This is where people come to just say how terrible PT is and how much they are in debt. You know, I have to see more than 1 patient an hour, my friends all make more than I do and I am changing professions etc. You come in here all cleared eyed with “ I make a fair salary and have a good life work balance” crap you will chased out of here like your Frankenstein and the villagers have torches and pitchforks! Are you crazy?

  21. Is there a subreddit for people who actually enjoy being a PT? Because I do and I’ve noticed exactly what you are explaining and I just joined like two weeks ago.

  22. Please check with your doctor but have you ever tried NAC, NAC is meant to be good for addictions, binge eating as far as I am aware

  23. I feel this so deeply. For me it’s the time frame of 3-6pm or so. I have chewed so much gum the last few days trying to curb it and I still eat so much and have a sore jaw :(

  24. Pure pseudoscience. They can cause serious damage and do not screen for red flags or contraindications. I have a current patient who I’m seeing for neck pain who reported vertebral artery symptoms and the next sentence was “happened after my last visit with my chiropractor”. 🤦‍♀️ thankfully she’s okay

  25. My 3 year old has the vocabulary of a 7 year old and my 8mo old has been sleeping through the night since 4mo, and is the size of a 1 year old! Seriously a monster baby but so so cute. Thanks for this, love bragging on my wonderful kiddos instead of focusing on negative! ❤️ looking forward to reading all these.

  26. Would you think a woman doctor giving a prostate exam or checking for testicular cancer is creepy? They're medical professionals.

  27. OP asked opinions, I gave mine. As for women doctors doing those things - no, because it’s part of routine care done in primary care clinics. OBGYN is a specialty that you have to choose and do residency in for years that is specifically only about women’s reproductive health. Now if a woman doctor only saw patients for prostate exams - yes I’d think that’s weird. From experience when I had my first baby, an on call male OBGYN came and did cervical checks and I was so insanely uncomfortable. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

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