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  1. Reset directly because queen needs 3 deads for meltdown, the train is a pain and plague doctor well better reset xD

  2. I think devolver too is one the best publisers because they only launch masterpieces

  3. I still cannot believe that this stuff is good for youtube advertisements yet they'll still demonitize you because someone slipped and fell and you couldn't provide to your audience ""proof"" that the poor soul who took a fall is 100% okay.

  4. And remember the gameplay is Boring and center in they butts

  5. There were similar comments with people that have much more time at the game, I only used this because the comments were close to each other and I know nothing about editing XD, also there are a lot of comments with people that has the same amount of time in the game which is really sad

  6. Is very sad how criticize the game for this and they dont play an 1 %, also the gameplay is very fun and the people hate this game for the is not the same as the actress again is very sad

  7. Nope, you are not stupid at all. The ending is kinda hard to grasp, but after a long time thinking and discussing with some people on this sub, I've arrived on a conclusion. And nope, you don't need to know anything from VLR to understand 999's ending.

  8. I love how this saga plays with the mechanical quantum and how his crazy shits are very good with all from akane

  9. Yes and they plays with multiverse theory for the endings for example if she dies she disappear but if she survive she not disappear

  10. Manager:Allright everyone please head out the Area and to the managers room were we'll watch this unfold and don't forget to bring the wellcheers vending machine

  11. JAJAJAJAJJAAJ YES THAT THE SHOW XD and dont forget the popcorn

  12. Add the Redmist or an Arbiter for the true battle.

  13. And i forgot the orchestra and nothing there too xD, was xd and i got the weapon and suit from apocalypse, nothing there the MVP

  14. Im a bremerton en enjoyer and all of her skins are adorable

  15. SG: Take it like Armstrong-sensei

  16. A enjoyer of welrod like me confirmed this and convert welrod in a fucking invincible spy

  17. There's just extra dialogue due to the characters giving you more hints.

  18. If this is in lobotomy corporation i believe that and also i chase her

  19. The pantry is one of the best rooms for funny dialogue in VLR. Can't say I've ever seen this one before though. I'm guessing Easy Mode dialogue?

  20. lol, I remember when the game was first announced and a bunch of people thought Luna was actually Akane

  21. Im the one who not thinking that luna was akane but her ending is too sad

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