Vinland Saga Season 2 - Episode 4 discussion

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  1. Sorry for being a dumb fuck but are you serious? Poke is involved somehow?

  2. This is exactly what I would expect a redditor named "snowflakepatrol99" to say lmao. It's so cringe.

  3. This comment is interesting in that it ironically replies to another comment to call out their user's intentions (to feel smug and superiors by not using the app), however, the original commmen in no way conveyed that they did that, they merely stated thay liked the genre of tiktok, unironically.

  4. I really love how intentional every scene feels. It’s like all the dialogue is written with a purpose and the scenes all have some weight to them. In four episodes they’ve shown so many different character dynamics and relationships with surprising depth and nuance.

  5. This is like, yes, exactly. The problem I'm having is that I feel like what you just wrote is a logical and sensible way of thinking but its clearly not a popular idea. Everyone is raging about their fucking metadata and I just don't care. I feel like I'm not getting something

  6. Watch the following documentary, it covers a lot of topics to know why you should care:

  7. Thanks for the response. Well. I know for an absolute fact my TV doesn't have a microphone in it. So set that aside. But if it did, I have a microphone in my pocket at basically all times anyway (my phone). So, I guess I've already long accepted that if someone is going to record me they're just going to.

  8. Your data can be used to filter out a user profile of you using AI and other techniques using contextual information like metadata.

  9. I'm the same. You might be interested in moonmoon if you don't know him.

  10. Well a bag is a bag! Should’ve milked it while it lasted eh

  11. It's a risk if the stuff is recorded and made public without your knowledge.

  12. You can add bots and settings to prevent people from posting sensitive or explicit content.

  13. I really like it but a "completely unique genre" are you sure about that? In what way is it "completely" unique?

  14. genre was the wrong word for it, atmosphere would be more accurate since there are other stories with this setting too.

  15. I hope this game doesn't have a 'paws' button, because I'll be sacrificing souls left and right.

  16. Does she? I haven't read the right one, but Cockroach bae in JJ is one of the worst jobbers I've ever seen. She was hyped up at first and literally does nothing besides be a damsel in distress for the entire series

  17. Again Gilgamesh but no Ember Knight? Weird :)

  18. It's not finished yet so the writing isn't as good for me. The author could still mess it up in the future.

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