1. Gepard and I was so sad because I really wanted Bronya/Clara/Bailu and instead got him but after a while of playing I was so happy I got him as he is such a strong asset to my team!

  2. My Gfuel never arrived I'm pretty sure they delivered it to the wrong address and haven't responded to emails at all 🥲

  3. My favorite nintendo memory is growing up playing New super Mario Bros on the wii with my sisters/aunts as they arent really gamers and it was always fun that they were willing to play with me

  4. no game no life AND toga as ur favorite character.... stay away from me hun

  5. Bit too much overlapping for my taste

  6. I tried to not do overlap but I wanted to make it accurate and not lie about my choices just to not have duplicates

  7. This post made me realize that they swapped the way the two tables are lined up between sets, I wonder if they have even noticed

  8. Before I knew he was part of Clara's kit I was so ready for a Svarog banner

  9. People need to post more so I have more memes to send my girlfriend

  10. Don't give up. For all you know you're getting a passing grade. Giving up could ruin that.

  11. Well I know for a fact the last few weeks I missed doing my assignments because of stress and this isn't my first missed assignments, and the way he is doing his grading sucks, even for the midterm assignment I put a decent bit of effort into I got a 69%, I genuinely dont know if I can handle the stress of the final and doing this weeks assignment on top of my other classes.

  12. You will most definitely not be able to finish it today if you are that low of a level

  13. Yea you need to reach at least level 34 to even unlock the final missions which will probably require doing dailies for exp or using all of your Fuel

  14. Everyone talking about villager trading and fishing while I'm over here having a chest full from raids lol

  15. Does anyone have the exact calculation on weekly/monthly pulls? I like many others was kinda trigger happy with my pulls and regret not saving for the Kafka banner and want to know if I screwed myself or not

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