1. Absolutely the commentary is like a delightful old couple musing about the past. We can see that she's a sweetheart much of the time but beneath the charm we can also see that she's a ruthless Inquisitor.

  2. 'Execution Hour' and 'Shadow Point' both by Gordon Rennie are what you seek.

  3. My goal is to buy and paint their set of minis that includes him, Amberley, Jurgen, Broklaw, and Kasteen. Well done, looks great!

  4. He's a KING.👑 Congratulations, Man. Proud of you! You did well. Nice tattoo as well.

  5. But yea, I really didn’t like being talked to the way some of my leadership would talk to me. Because I could/would never put up with it outside of the service

  6. That’s a big part of why I wound up getting out at 8 years. I overall enjoyed my time in the Army, but I just got sick of being in a position where an E-9 with the IQ of a rock can come over and treat me like I’m the biggest fuck-up since Benedict Arnold because one of my boot laces slipped out. At least a civilian job affords you the ability to look for a new job if your boss is an idiot.

  7. When I joined the army these were just at the end of being phased out so it was amusing seeing like 2 or 3 different uniforms in formation. Anyone wearing these were sent to the back of the formation(which they generally wanted to be anyway)

  8. I was one of the ones who got the special “Afghanistan” uniform for deployment. We were getting reamed out by every NCO at the Huachuca PX for the couple of months prior to deployment because no one believed us when we told them we’d been authorized to wear it.

  9. That’s….way more fucked up than I thought it would be

  10. Yeah. I was expecting something like groping someone's behind or something which would be bad enough, but not straight grabbing them by the neck and forcing their head back. I want to like Patrick, I hope he disavows his brother.

  11. It's pretty sharp as it is, but maybe try sharpening the lines and giving a bit of shape to see if they gives you a bit of a boost :) looking great bro

  12. In another sub someone posted "I wish they'd taught us how to do taxes in high school but we probably wouldn't have paid attention to that either." Like... that right there!

  13. I teach a class that literally covers taxes and filing returns. Except I don't get to go too in depth because I spend 80% of my time telling them to put away phones (Yes, even you Olivia, you may hide it under your desk, but I can see tik tok reflected on your glasses!) and reminding them that just because it isn't something they do yet, taxes are important and they would benefit from paying attention.

  14. I was morbidly obsessed with this case for a while. It really shook me. I think she only seemed sketchy because she got caught up in an affair with a murderer...publicly. But as far as I know, there were never any signs that she had any part in it. I'm convinced Watts is 100% a psychopath and acted alone.

  15. I believe even Shannan’s family has said that they think she’s scummy for knowingly being involved in an affair with a married man, but they believe she is otherwise innocent based on evidence they have seen that never got publicized.

  16. At the Emergency Department: "So you were doing WHAT when you melted off your own face?"

  17. It's really gonna suck when he has to make the choice between wearing his charred, patchy remnant of a beard, or finishing his shave over his newly-cooked skin.

  18. Also the plush human appears way younger than the real one. He must have been there a long time.

  19. When you see a classmate acting like a damn fool, speak up. They listen to you all way more than they listen to us 🤷‍♀️

  20. I’d say if you’re concerned about blowback from peers you really don’t need to speak up, per se. Honestly just sitting there silently and not chuckling or watching other kids when they give everyone else a hard time is pretty effective too.

  21. Thankfully, they're mostly defunct. After Fred Phelps died they never recovered and a bunch of members left.

  22. They were out protesting a Melissa Etheridge concert outside my workplace a few months ago. On the upside, they only lasted about 30 minutes in the face of the crowd before they bitched out and went home.

  23. Reminds me of that Repin painting—

  24. I like the dude halfway back who's texting his wife that he's going to be stuck late at work.

  25. Just in case anyone missed it, three students and two adults were killed in a shooting at a private school in Nashville just a couple hours ago.

  26. It’s weird how I still think of people born in the eighties as college students when most of them are old enough to live on their own and hold jobs.

  27. I was born on the third-to-last day of the 80’s (12/29/89) and I am currently 33 with two kids and beginning a second career.

  28. There are plenty of businesses that do unpaid internships. What are student teachers getting paid for? We're there to learn and learning involves practicing the craft. At least in my state, there is still someone else--who is being paid a regular salary--who is responsible for everything being taught and for working with the student teacher.

  29. I’m not sure how student teaching is going for you, but for me the person who is supposed to be teaching me this is now seen as available labor by the administration, so as soon as I was in the classroom they pulled him to go help build new curriculum and to be basically a second building sub. No one is teaching me shit, they just handed me a classroom that I’m stumbling my way through doing the exact same thing every other teacher in the building is doing except I’m doing it for less than free.

  30. Somehow school districts get away with this. When I started teaching, not only did I have to pay for my certification and fingerprints/background check, I had to pay for a physical that included a blood test for syphilis and a TB test. If you don't have insurance because you don't have your teaching job yet, that's expensive!

  31. I’m a student teacher right now. After getting through my state’s atrocious licensure website to put in the initial application for my license they informed me that I also have to cough up another $50 to the department of Ed to get another fingerprint check (after the one I had to pay for to be a student teacher). I know 50$ isn’t much in the grand scheme, but it’s a pretty good chunk when I’m already working full time for no pay. Paying to work a full time job actually. Like come the fuck on, I can’t just get a break some time?

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