1. Dragonball fans when the 74th random transformation that’s just another color swap or incredibly minor design change that’s gotten zero build up, doesn’t change anything about the user besides an arbitrary increase in power or possibly making them more angy, and often doesn’t even succeed in Jack shit and just makes the series worse

  2. To be fair, super sayan, super sayan god, and ultra instinct all had build up.

  3. Are you insane? Basara is the definition of paper thin power fantacy harem character. He has so many bullshit powers that come out of no where, banishing shift changes every fucking time its used to fit what he needed to use it for, he banged 2 of his cousins and his aunt, no development whatsoever. The author put all his writing "talent" into the sex scenes. Testement feels like a bad erotic au of hsdxd.

  4. I love how the writers want us to feel sorry for him: “Oh, boo-hoo, I was killed once, I’m so sad, my life sucks” - while being hugged by 12 naked girls. Yeah, such horrible life, makes Guts life look like a paradise.

  5. Its talked about like twice in the entire series. It almost never tries to make you feel bad for issei.

  6. You do know what rule 34 is, right? Like the actual rule?

  7. Wow, y'all are just as lame as the trans anarchists on

  8. Have you ever seen this movie. Actual masterpiece.

  9. I think a schizo sub would probably fit this better

  10. Its the part where suu has the poison in her so she calls the other girls goodfornothings and mon a bunch of free loaders

  11. I know that this is an unpopular oppinion, but i really don't like femboys at all.

  12. We're on a porn subreddit, is it really all that inappropriate?

  13. Go ahead. I didn't come up with it. I saw it on that troll face meme about the trans kid who went hunting and either shot his family or himself.

  14. I think its ep 1 of season 4, but it could be ep 2

  15. I think that rex probably doesn't have any sons, but thats just my head canon.

  16. I've already mentioned the life/chapter name in my original comment

  17. Sorta...she looks goth, but she doesn't really act like one.

  18. That game was great. I loved unlocking all the new powers. (Video power was the coolest.)

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