Guy teaches his sister to be his boxing trainer. She excels at the task.

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  1. Feel like young women drinking too much is one of the most common reasons FOR getting pregnant...

  2. Huh, I actually think that's pretty cool.

  3. Wait, but do you specifically have to pick the male-coded body with no breasts for that to be the case?

  4. It's just two body shapes, masc or fem, that you can alter in all kinds of ways including if the body is male or female.

  5. i understand that you think honesty is the best policy here, but what makes you think time wont do it? i mean its definitely a possibility. thank you for taking the time to comment tho, have a good day

  6. if by paranoia you mean social anxiety and worrying you did something wrong or that someone is mad at you or hates you or is going to leave you then yes.

  7. Breaking: Siblings become experts at swatting / hitting each other!

  8. Just buried three of them and he has already popped one, got scared but I don’t think it was enough lol

  9. I'm seriously considering buying some wax and making a bunch of candles

  10. home made candles are fun and easy to make, and make great christmas gifts.

  11. "Please, we are begging you, stop playing our game."

  12. "please never buy coins again, we want you to know their value is fleeting."

  13. I absolutely agree. But where I live (a village in the UK) it would take me two busses, take 2x as long and cost 3-4x as taking my EV to work. For some people though, it would absolutely work, assuming the services and infrastructure were in place.

  14. for a lot of people biking is better, or walking. but that wouldn't work out in the country either. i do think sometimes an individual vehicle is the best option, but working toward making it easier for people not to need one is a good step.

  15. they keep coming to see if they want to visit and deciding they don't.

  16. it's not done. keep working it till it's actually worth buying.

  17. Yea, I know it's not done yet. I'm just trying to figure out a fair selling price for when it's done.

  18. native canadian hide moccasins. this is the ultimate canadian footwear and a great souvenir.

  19. I am a Team Rocket member hiding under Team Valor colour since 2018. I grinded my ass off to get the full Rocket costume and been wearing it ever since.

  20. i mean... twitter isn't in any important to most people's lives.

  21. Makes you wonder how many other people you see every day but never notice because they don't have a huge sword on their belt to identify them.

  22. I saw a video a month ago that didn't show the last few seconds with the motorcyclist copying the technique. That was an unexpected laugh, thank you for posting!

  23. dude is awesome, working smarter not harder, and yeah the pace vehicle at the end doing the plank too was hilarious!

  24. Honestly, I think the plank is probably harder than pedaling. I've never done a plank on a bicycle, but I can't imagine it's easier than planking on the ground, and that is hard enough. I think I would much rather be pedaling. More like working smarter and harder.

  25. I mean, if being a hero to them meant saving them as in "Actually giving them the motivation to look inwards instead of outwards for the problems they face in which the only constant is their own shitty behavior," you'd be crying tears of joy, maybe...

  26. in fairness, most of them really do need to clean their rooms.

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