1. It's volumetric, I had a single windbreaker that was going to cost like 90 bucks with SAL and after rehearsal, cake out to 10 bucks. It's just the automated measurement

  2. How do so many of you manage SAL to Canada in under 20 days?? 3rd SAL to Canada and it's always 30-35; days to Quebec. Could weight have something to do with it?

  3. Dans le passé, j'ai écris a Molson pour savoir combien y'avait de calories dans les grosses bouteilles en vitre a 10%, c'était genre 1400 calories

  4. Il doit y avoir un problème parce que 1 gramme d'alcool pure c'est 7 calories. 1400 calories c'est 200g d'alcool. Si la bouteille est à 10% et fait 1400 calories, on parle d'un 2L. C'est des criss de grandes bouteilles.

  5. Ta raison je me suis trompé, je viens de retrouver leur réponse; Labatt Bleue Dry 8.1% Alcohol contains 710.73 calories per 1.18litre bottle

  6. Your meat comes in a styrofoam tray covered in Saran wrap and they offer to put it in a single use plastic bag, then you forgot your reusable bag so you buy yet another one that you'll forget next time as well and buy another one. I can't be the only one with 20+ reusable bags at home

  7. Ya ben longtemps je suis allé en Pologne lis j'ai pris le train inter-ville. Ça coûtait presque rien et ils vaut même un dude qui vendait de la bière illégalement. Il embarque a une station, fais le tour du train et débarque a la prochaine station pour faire la même chose en retournant

  8. AccuWeather marche bien pour moi. Ça a la fonction 1h qui de donne assez précisément les précipitations dans l'heure qui vient en minutes

  9. Sometimes it goes through, but it doesn’t worth to risk. Ship 2 parcels and take insurance !!

  10. What would insurance do of it's seized? I asked Wegobuy and they said it's not covered. Are there other agents that cover seizures?

  11. If you have insurance and you get seized, you’ll be refunded. Pandabuy covers the refund if you had insurance, it costs 3% of shipping and items cost

  12. Good to know, since Wegobuy doesn't cover that, I think I'll switch for my next orders

  13. How would the scam work though? You don't get the item and just do a chargeback. Or is he just stealing your cc information?

  14. Why the fuck are you capitalizing every single letter in the sentence?

  15. Check Cowboy, has a bunch of swimwear, including the oblique

  16. Followed your advice... we shall see I guess but I'll most likely exchange it

  17. As long as they try to flatten the text, you should be able to tell if the text is messed up

  18. Check guides on YouTube. I went with Wegobuy as an agent but others have different preferences. You shouldn't buy from seller directly, agents are there to QC your stuff

  19. Can you send me a link on where to watch on YouTube? This stuff is very confusing

  20. Never seen a rep of this one, I think you're good

  21. Looked up his "followers" and looks like it's all bots

  22. What size do you wear for jeans/jogging pants? I'm size 31, wear medium so wondering if I should get Small for the Rhude

  23. if you mean weight of t shirt then it's on top of the qc photo

  24. The text is cut off for the 2 t-shirts, I see if for the rest but not the Casablanca t

  25. They shouldn't be allowed to answer bs like this. Imagine a popo asked you if you had been drinking and you start talking about your cousins home renovations?

  26. Damn, SAL 9 days! I'm shipping to Quebec and it's already been 10 days and just left China

  27. What province are you in? I'm in Quebec and my last SAL took 30 days, got another one on the way now too.

  28. Ça veut dire qu'ils réparent ta voiture et la brisent a nouveau, 360 degré c'est ça non?

  29. I've got an almost identical rep Arcteryx jacket, ask em to take a pic of the sleeves. Mine arrived with Wei-Tex embroidered in yellow 💀

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