1. Michael Mann's Hannibal film, "Manhunter." He directed it in "Miami Vice" style, so it looks really dated now.

  2. They are just beautiful queens who where kind enough to let me take a picture with them.

  3. They're all beautiful. I love the beautiful smile on your face:)

  4. Same, I looked it up and now it said (at least for WOW+) that it airs tomorrow at 2AM.

  5. I got an email from WoW+ to watch over 3 hours ago. Is it even humanly possible to have a worse app? Every DR franchise is prominent, aside from DR? Seriously??? S15 didn't come up in search. When I tried the link in the email, it says content is having trouble loading. And I'm on the East Coast where we should "allegedly" get it early.

  6. TYSM Will try. Just looked on Roku and it's not there.

  7. Very interesting for a Cancer with a Scorpio moon:)

  8. Hi, All users that participated on Reddit Recap will receive a Collectible, although it may take up to a week for your Collectible Avatar to be ready to claim after completing your recap

  9. Did we agree to participate? I honestly didn't know it was happening until the recap showed up, followed by the avatar.

  10. They did and she made a very brave decision. Elvis wanted her song IIRC, it was "I Will Always Love You." Along with the song itself, he and his manager wanted the rights to it. She loved Elvis and his music, so it was hard for her. Dolly was adamant about keeping the rights and decided against it. It was a very brave and smart decision for a woman to make, especially at the time.

  11. Silky doing "Nobody's Supposed to be Here" with Victoria is still living in my head. She had me screaming. She was born to do that song, and it's so rare for it to be chosen. It was really special.

  12. Icesis mentioned her at Roscoe's Viewing Party. She said she's thinking of doing the same and Suki makes more money than she does too:) It didn't seem serious at this point, but who knows?

  13. I would love to see Suki come back for an AS season and smash the ball challenge. She’s so sweet and talented.

  14. I'd also love to see Savannah. I'm guessing there were possibly too many Haus of Couture before? It's amazing how she stands up for Icesis. Mike Ruiz was a great judge and would make a wonderful addition.

  15. Mine is the same, but my hair is a different color.

  16. Oh, so you're the one who still watches LOGO. Well, you're keeping people employed...for now.

  17. I only watched Logo when RPDR was on. Quite some time ago, my provider pulled CBS during a contract dispute. Someone who knows the business said CBS makes them buy Logo and nobody watches it, so I told him that I was their viewer:)

  18. I love some of her older looks on insta pre drag race! I love how she can do spooky and glamour!

  19. She's really versatile and so creative. Her looks are transformative while retaining her essence.

  20. I really want Gemma Nye, Perla, Kiki Coe(even tho she was on CMM),Savannah Couture, Denim. A longer season would be so cool and double stays need to start happening 😭

  21. I would love to see Savannah. I'm rewatching US Season 2. Mike Ruiz was such an amazing judge. He'd be a really great addition to the panel.

  22. She was so great. Silky has my heart ❤️ She's worked really hard. Wasn't it 100000000 lipsyncs:)? I'm wishing, wishing and wishing she wins.

  23. Icesis said it herself at Roscoe’s and I’m pretty sure was the first to say it, I didn’t even know Willam had said it

  24. Same. She also mentioned that she was on the road, but is very collaborative about everything. She sketched her looks and sent them to her designer. She casually mentioned she's thinking of creating looks professionally and that her designer makes more than she does:) It was hard to tell if she was serious, but Icesis is as talented (if not more) as the top designers.

  25. The format is brilliant, honestly. I don't know how they could have made it better.

  26. The writers are so creative. I'm loving the whole Drag Cartel thing.

  27. It's the best. The elimination process is brilliant. They get to wear every look and promote the designers, so they don't end up in debt. It's probably much less stressful and gives them so much more opportunity for viewers to get to know them. Love, love, love it.

  28. People often respond to this point by saying that manufactured storylines have always been a thing. That's true of course, but it doesn't change the fact that the older seasons felt more genuine. Not to sound like a jaded fan but with these new seasons, specifically the US ones, we're lucky if even a handful of queens show originality and stand out. Combine that with 100+ queens making their debut each year and it really just feels like a multiverse of reductive drag lol.

  29. That's so beautifully stated, so TYSM. I also rewatched S3 awhile ago and appreciate it much more in retrospect. Detox auditions at the Casting Call, but isn't chosen. In the question about being chosen for the win, Raja speaks about the power of not giving a f***. Ru keeps repeating it and Mike Ruiz is in tears. It feels like those were unplanned moments and there were more of those then. It really hit me straight in the heart. It took me a really long time to learn that lesson and it's unbelievably freeing. Sadly, that type of content has been produced out of the newer seasons in sacrifice to the storyline.

  30. I started rewatching Season 2 this week. These manufactured storylines are draining the heart and soul from the show. They are very predictable. I've always loved and been most inspired by people who've overcome struggles. There's such strength and wisdom in that, but it's not there in that heart-wrenching way anymore. The earlier seasons were full of very real charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. I miss that.

  31. I missed her very much in the last episode, but wish the very best for her mental health. Icesis is so special in every single way. 💔

  32. I absolutely gasped when she showed up at the runway. Loved the fabric and her makeup.

  33. Brooke Lynn always looks flawless. IMHO the wig is the only thing that's even been slightly off on her. That style can be worn different ways. One is a harsher 40's version which her wig is giving me. I prefer the more 60's Dolly Girl look which is very much Dakota's style.

  34. It's latex! Not really a fabric, it's rubber. Like wearing a large balloon. Designer is @adalaclothing on insta :)

  35. It is:) She needs to put a ton of baby powder on it and store it in a cool place. It can actually melt a little. It's so cool that she's wearing rubber like an old school punk.

  36. It's possible. Since mine didn't even come with a charger, I can't say for sure:) Machine washable???

  37. It's called Dark Teal and has fabric on the cover. I've never seen that before.

  38. The way I forgot Kendall was even on the season and didn’t bat an eye at Vanity’s goodbye message 🫣 sorry girl

  39. Icesis and Kendall were being as nice as possible, but something shady (or maybe she's just not nice) is going on with Vanity.

  40. Shady? Vanity was nothing but pleasant on this season, what kind of weird reaching lol.

  41. If you haven't watched Icesis and Kendall at Roscoe's, it's a great watch. You can see what they said for yourself. What does anyone's race or shade have to do with anything? I can't even remember shade being discussed in this century. I have no idea what Vanity is like as a person. I haven't met her. I'm certainly not making assumptions based on her behavior in a highly produced, storyline driven reality show though.

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