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  1. There used to be a video of what’s his face essentially playing with his nearly dead body thinking he’s asleep.. he was clearly dead/dying, horrifying to find your “brother” that way and not do anything cause it’s “normal”

  2. Again, no, you're just a racist half wit.

  3. According to the two African men that work with me this is just “normal” in their eyes.. they consistently like to bring up “if we were in Africa right now I’d just end you” spiel multiple times a day. 🥴 I’ll let my dad know that I’m racist so he can laugh at the reasoning why while we look in the mirror painting our faces white to make it make sense

  4. I tested a few and all are invalid on AltStore.

  5. If anybody can, are you willing to game share with me? If not that's cool

  6. I double down on this. Do you want ultimate until January 2024? Lets game share, I’m only interested in MW2 but have actual purchases + game pass ultimate for a year and two months!

  7. Best list I’ve seen to date.

  8. Whatever the standard difficult is or one step higher. I refuse to try any game on lower than normal difficulty, if I wanted something without a challenge I would’ve gone with the peppa pig puzzle game

  9. It is but people have this obsession of having every game on a single client and make out that steam is the best client there is and doesn't have issues. When, it definitely does have it's issues.

  10. Man fuck steam, I had to create a new account because all the information I provided was not enough to verify my account was mine. Why? Because I couldn’t provide the code sent to the old fucking email I haven’t used since elementary school

  11. Nah, I regret trading my Hacked ps2 and xbc

  12. Idk why I’m kinda upset they both didn’t bite the bullet

  13. It’s because every person who makes tier lists isn’t actually playing as all the characters enough to actually rate them, instead using community feedback and pick numbers to dictate “tier”.. movement will always be top tier with blockers coming in second. I hate hate hate Gibby but have been clapped many times by them, just cause they’re shit to me doesn’t make my opinion worthy of making tier lists

  14. I mean, look, not to be rude, but if you can't even figure out the CPU architecture and are just following a YouTube guide, what do you really plan to accomplish here? Seems it is your first time dealing with code, and this would not be the means of getting started.

  15. While I completely agree don’t let this comment put you down op. If people worked within their means we wouldn’t move forward. The best advice we can give you is to saturate yourself in knowledge and practice as you go.

  16. I mean i get it, but like isn’t that why people join the military? To literally play with big guns? 🧐

  17. No, not at all. I’d say a majority of people who join either go because of family, feeling hopeless, or wanting to protect those behind them

  18. There was. Some guys killed her and put her up like that. I think they were a couple more too

  19. Are you sure? There’s a picture from another angle that shows her on the stand you can see supporting her even in this pic

  20. Not at all sure. That was so long ago. I was about 13 then im 26 now 😅

  21. Happy cake day! Now we’re both 27!

  22. it would be so funny if we just had the worst ghostface ever and they couldnt kill anyone

  23. This, keep that bs supernatural shit where it belongs

  24. I wish they protected our kids in school the way they protected a white passing woman from a black dude. We wouldn’t have as many casualties, either way amazing shots for not hitting the woman. Big L for having to mag dump into someone after they clearly already hit the ground after what the first or second shot connected? Unnecessary

  25. A hostage is someone who is being threatened with harm as leverage against the authorities. So you try to end the threat by negotiation. Once the suspect begins attacking or trying to execute the hostages, the only way to end the threat is to stop the attack.

  26. Wow if only they used these practices during school shootings and other public incidents.

  27. Same lol. Though this reminds me I really need to get my switch updated before it does.

  28. You should be able to bypass required firmware. I haven’t updated my switch since last year and it’s still doing fine with current games. (Currently playing sonic)

  29. Gg the wait will be worth it I promise! That little bundle of joy will be a daily high until mother Mary can come back to you

  30. Nothing better than getting lightly stoned and playing with a toddler. Really gets you on their wavelength

  31. My daughter turns 3 this year and this comment right here is why I don’t get as upset when she does stupid shit as mom. We destroyed a few of my paintings so she could make paintings too

  32. Yes, it was dumped earlier this week.

  33. Well gow isn’t out yet so let’s wait and see before we start making deductions lmao

  34. I’m so TIRED of collabs, especially these Star Wars ones… I’d love to see an amazing spawn selection though!

  35. Yep, I’m not big on gate keeping stuff. If it makes someone happy go for it. If Epic really wanted to put their foot down they could keep bonus rewards (lv 101-200) locked to their season. However, I personally don’t mind.

  36. I disagree, if you chose to not buy the pass that’s on you. If you didn’t play during the period that’s again on you. A similar discussion came up specifically about the old diamon Elise skin in LoL, why should someone be able to buy what we had to literally work to unlock. Just my .02

  37. It is cheating. It says the game does not currently support emulators. They were going out of their way to to use an unsupported version of the game to get a huge advantage over other players.

  38. There was no advantage as they were only matched with other emulator players…

  39. No honey, he’s sleeping like uncle Charlie was last year.

  40. My God, im guessing he was speeding? Poor guy, i hope it was quick at least.

  41. Doesn’t make sense as the gore is right outside the door

  42. I know this is old but I ran into a similar issue. I ended up cleaning all the contacts with alc and allowing to dry before going in with a q-tip and making sure everything was dry. Almost bought a new atomizer but after all that it worked flawlessly. Cheers

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