Centurion Lewis Outed as a fake on Twitter!

Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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  1. Yeah, it was a running joke. Just like buying Facebook and then deleting it. It's like people don't understand jokes/trolling. Wtf is up.

  2. This is a stupid level of comedy, elon musk is a delusional man with massive wealth. Just like trump he should be removed from social media.

  3. Just hire people suited for the job, fuck diversity targets. People should be hired for their skills and not for their ethnicity, genitals or believes

  4. Scrap it to fence to pay respect

  5. Euhm what gaming chair are you using?

  6. Mauled out of existence 😂

  7. Your parents let you usurp the garage 😂 Lucky dure

  8. I exercise in the evening so i shower before bed, but i certainly shower after heading out too (two 10 min showers with lukewarm water instead of incredibly long ones with hot water)

  9. When this happens you need to alt f4 then rejoin

  10. He got disconnected later, and kept his gear on character

  11. Im afraid for the answer… but what did you do before?

  12. So… how thorough where those wipe, did you use a wet towel to get everything gone all around your ass…. Ooorrrrrrrr…. 😳

  13. This is neat and all, but they should just make the difficulty scale with the track. If we can figure thus out they can too…

  14. It’s 10 times faster going through wiki list on your phone..

  15. I have ran a third monitor for multiple years as a software developer but a I really see no practical use for more than two monitors (except accounting/day trading)

  16. Flechette needs to come off next. BT should be unlocked by unlocking traders.

  17. Everybody forgetting lewis his 2021 brazil drive? 25 positions in 1,5 race

  18. I only got 2 - 3 hour per day to play the game and that time is midnight so That is not the solution I need.

  19. Maybe it is the solution you need, exercise is the best thing you can ever do for yourself

  20. Prins Willem III van Oranje. Een absolute machtswellusteling die Nederland in dure oorlogen stortte en iedereen die hem in de weg stond liet vermoorden. De meest bekende slachtoffers zijn de gebroeders De Witt, die op gruwelijke wijze werden vermoord toen zij het stadhouderschap wilden afschaffen. Hij heeft ook Michiel de Ruyter de dood in gejaagd toen hij kritiek had op Tromp, een vertrouweling van Willem III. Tromp was een afgrijselijk slechte commandant en een dronkenlap, maar Willem had hem het opperbevel beloofd na de dood van De Ruyter. Toen dat niet opschoot hebben ze de Ruyter met een kleine vloot achter een enorme overmacht aan gestuurd.

  21. Heeft hij er voor gezorgd dat Johan de Witt opgegeten werd?

  22. Goeie mie, She serial killed between 30 and 150 people including a lot of family members.

  23. I read up on her but what the fuck 😂😅

  24. Mercedes Brazil 2021 the whole weekend

  25. Why does england always look so grim

  26. You cant even catch yourself if you fall

  27. Tell your friend to step up his game

  28. Title reads: “100.000 North-Korean soldiers are provided with an attempt to escape”

  29. You can generate it yourself. Just delete everything. ;)

  30. I see you commenting on every topic man 😂

  31. I know assaulting someone is bad but I wouldve fucked that scum with the white hat up so much, what the fuck…

  32. That woman is 60 looking lmao

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