Ways to supplement your income here in the UK

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  1. It could be done on multiple levels.

  2. I'm not sure what the best approach would be for a user perspective. Maybe two scopes would be the best. One per workout and configurable per exercise. For advanced lifters the rep range per exercise would be the best approach but I think that having a toggle with the name "automatic periodization" would be great for novices (or lazy people).

  3. More people live in the IJsselmeer than Drenthe

  4. Kinda look like tom and bert!

  5. What printer do you have?

  6. I tried to support my broke homies by selling a 10 rub goldenstar…. The fee got me screaming… smh

  7. Think you can still do a barter. That should help em out. Do something cheap and random. That way they get the item.

  8. Vietnam as replacement ?

  9. There should be information in your manual, I have a 6r myself so dont know exactly

  10. The move was understandable, he should have either moved directly to McLaren or stayed at Alpine/Renault. Him hopping seats after every two year was what did him done in.

  11. Do it and xpost the thread to here

  12. It's better to alias git to "bro"

  13. Dont you mean “blyat push b davai”

  14. Zoals ik vroeger van mijn grote idolen Ernst en Bobbie geleerd heb; spoken bestaan niet…

  15. This must be a troll post right?

  16. Why not ask your boss for a raise, or ask for help extra hours if possible?

  17. Idk, I haven't had any issues so far... Maybe Im not playing enough or just got lucky, but the only annoying thing is the difficulty level, that is not really a bug

  18. I have played, ‘18, ‘20, ‘21 and had a combined playtime of 1200hrs without any assists on a controller. I have only played 30 hours of ‘22 and uninstalled it. The handling model is extremely poor and the game is a buggy hell. Im not the only one experiencing it this bad.

  19. I'm using a wheel and I can't stand the handling model. Having to wait ages to get on the throttle or else insta-spin is not fun, and no F1 car has wheelspin in 5th gear, either. It makes it legitimately unplayable for me.

  20. When I went back to’21 it felt almost arcady in comparison

  21. Hello there, I'm looking to buy a power/squat-rack. Since there are many brands and available options I want to know about interoperability / compatibility between brands/parts. What are things I should consider? I don't want to lock myself into a power-cage with very specific dimensions which will limit my options for future additions.

  22. Moederlanguage looks more gepast voor me /s

  23. Quite interesting, for each dying person two are born.

  24. Schumacher is in F1 for his name, he hasn’t proven himself. He should be replaced.

  25. Een brommer rijdt vrij economisch, weet wel wat je een stuk meer verantwoordelijkheid krijgt in het verkeer vergeleken een fiets.

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