1. I wish I had this bug instead of the one where Elder Maxson just keeps fucking walking away so I can't properly finish the mission until I just said fuck it and turned off survival to use console commands

  2. A big beige blob, and maybe a sign around the neck the reads "fat".

  3. Gotta loosen up them bones after sitting in a cryopod for 200 years

  4. My fo4 playtime has vastly outnumbered my FNV play time but that's mostly because I spend so much damn time on building my settlements into something worth living in, lol.

  5. Call it cursed if you want, but I find the Marksman Carbine is a gun that I really like, but the one change I would make is taking off the scope and using iron sights. I'm not bashing people who like the scope, but personally for my play style I find using the iron sights is more suitable for close to medium engagement and reduces the sway in the reticle.

  6. I would genuinely like to know how this is even possible. Like, I want to hear from the people that chose him what their reason was.

  7. Putin is genocidal maniac at this point, with nukes. And nukes in hands other than BoS are big nono for BoS. There is exactly 0 chances for Lost Hills loyalist chapter supporting him and East coast is loyal to LH. Immortal and his Washington Brotherhood from Old World Blues however...

  8. Preston Garvey pledges 1000 laser muskets to Ukraine. When asked for comment he said, “Another settlement needs our help.”

  9. That gun is shaking more than a college dorm during spring break

  10. I got through it without being infected by just quicksaving every 10 seconds, and then reloading if I got infected. It took a little while longer, but was worth it in the end.

  11. Yeah, I'm on a survival playthrough, so you can see why I'm hesitant to give it a shot

  12. If you plan on doing at some point make sure to not take any companions with you. I’m not entirely sure if it’s true or not but I remember someone saying that if a companion gets hit by the mole rat you also end up getting the infection. Again not 100% sure.

  13. Yh it's super difficult to avoid. Even the protection getting hit results in an infection. Power armour doesn't do anything. Bethesda basically needs you to get infected

  14. Nah, bullying has less long lasting psychological damage and more effective at teaching humility and cringe recognition.

  15. Yeah I'm just running my mouth. Don't actually believe this. Sorry you had to go thru that. I've had my share of bullying too.

  16. Being born in russia is worse than being born dead

  17. Considering the fact that Ireland relies on the UK for most of its defense, it doesn't really seem likely that they'd sacrifice that relationship by jeopardising the Atlantic like that.

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