1. In Endeavor's strongest attack, Shigaraki in seconds became a burned Black corpse

  2. Unrelated, but the fact that there's probably a mod of GoW specifically to change them to Leon and whatshername is so fucking funny to me

  3. "MHA fans quit complaining about side characters being treated as side characters" challenge (impossible)

  4. I'm not complaining, i am one of people that think even Bakugou is a side character lol

  5. Every country has its rules and orders about a hero work, and we see japan is like that because of Deku, Horikoshi wanted to create a perfect hero, a hero that doesn't kill, making Japan be one of countries that doesn't allow the kill of Villains is just suitable enough to the MC not become a vigilante.

  6. I don’t think they’re going to have an opening like this that’s going to show too much spoilers

  7. The point isn't about the spoilers, since they already did some foreshadowing in current OP and ED (Deku with Gran Torino cape, Deku looking to City in a bulding, Dabi wanting to kill Endeavor and Kid Deku X Tenko), The point is about the tone of opening, villain Hunt is the darkest arc in drawing style and One of darkest and melancholic arc to Deku and they still keep making happy and cheerful openings.

  8. Well obviously if Deku got AFO and OFA he would be the final villain in the story and then we would talk about what a man Deku was and uh something something 10 years at least.

  9. In the end, Deku will become a bird and Bakugou will be Uraraka's husband.

  10. Well, Deku would becomes God, beyond everything and everyone, someone All for One wanted to be, but instead it was Deku, nobody would be able to reach him anymore, nobody from past or future, even with broken quirks from New generations like Eri's rewind, Deku has The 2 strongest quirks from all The times, so nobody would be even an enemy to him (maybe only Bakugou because he has The strongest power of All the time: Popularity lol).

  11. Alright fair enough I suppose. Then the question I guess is which one is better, a growing up arc, or a redemption arc.

  12. Well, i hate Bakugou, but i can see his growing up, but Horikoshi made a shitty person like Endeavor become likeable and see All his mistakes returning to him and him understand he'll never be forgive for what he did, but he'll still there to protect everyone.

  13. No, season 6 will start the final act of series and All the arcs after War is only serious and tension, no more of those Highlights moments of fun.

  14. There's a War happening and basically Deku and shigaraki finally become New gen All Might and All for One.

  15. I love your pacing this makes so much more sense. With this kind of pacing there could actually be a second festival arc too

  16. Probably between Joint Training and Endeavor Intership because y'know, It's kind of creep some people want to have a festival after a brutal War in year 3 lol

  17. Am I the only one who thinks the anime and manga should have been shorter if anything? Maybe you are just advocating that they should have used time skips instead showing them growing older which I’m not sure is necessary but does make sense.

  18. Horikoshi's original plan was a shorter manga, possible at volume 30 being The Last volume, so you are not the only that feels the story was extended, so it makes sense only 1 year of story.

  19. These 2 and probably Tokoyami will be stronger than Endeavor in the future, Deku is already stronger than Endeavor, but if Deku keeps OFA, The gap between him and Shoto and Bakugou will be giant, bigger than the gap between All Might and Endeavor...

  20. Way better than in anime, i always thought it was Deku's rage and impact that made Shigaraki's head being ripped off and AFO appears in the hole but in anime it seems more am illusion.

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