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  1. Enjoy that. A good shotgun is an excellent start into firearms. They are amazing well rounded tools.

  2. This is the statement from SB tactical. Other than that I would have to contact a lawyer to be sure.

  3. A "brace" is not a stock. That word choice is the issue. A "brace" is fine. But a stock is not. The ATF is really funny that way. The SB Tactical kit for the Tac 13 is perfectly fine. Atleast for now...

  4. Oooh now it make sense. I was treating them the same (I mean they both function the same). And I agree, from what I read the SB brace is in the grey area for the ATF. Sounds like it will be easier just to apply for the SBS and avoid the whole mystery

  5. Yes and no. You end up in a registry for having a class 3 item. Have to carry proof with the gun incase an officer inquires about it. And cannot take it across state lines without notifying local law enforcment.

  6. If you cannot find the humor, then the "vandal" has won. It is a sign. And any person of reason could tell it was a prank. To be so upset over others expressing themselves only gives them the gratification they seek.

  7. Welcom to what most of the working class has dealt with unvaccinated most of this time.

  8. I heard them up here by 37th and Ridge. Wondered what was going on.

  9. I still don't understand why people think Trump was some sort of facist dictator.

  10. Not if you just swap out the barrel to a "legal" size before the authorities arrive. But yes, do not take my advice. It would be illegal. Then again, free men do not ask for permission.

  11. That does not work if they actually inspect the barrel for powder residue.

  12. if you are cutting down the barrel yourself for a more compact, fast swinging shotty and it's only going to be used like that for home defense, I say just go ahead and cut it down to be flush with the mag tube and don't tell anyone. Forget getting a tax stamp for it. Just do it quietly and keep it in your closet for an intruder to FUAFO. Buy 18.5" or loinger barrel for taking it out hunting or for when the cops show up after the first scenario.

  13. Absoulty not the thing to do if you ever plan to use the gun. Too much risk with old Uncle Sam.

  14. Listen, osmium, since you seem to react to history by covering your ears and shrieking like a banshee, let me help you out.

  15. That was a very long and condesending waste of text. Your argument was flowery and verbose. But lacked substance.

  16. I don't consider facts a waste of text when trying to correct someone, but that could just be me.

  17. That is the problem with changing definitions of things. You get different results.

  18. I don’t have any experience with teaching newbies lever guns but I have almost 20 years of teaching newbies how to use the AR15/M16/M4 FOW

  19. I assume military and I appreciate the service. But I am just a civillian, and while I like owning and playing with AR's. I do not appreciate the ergonomics and asthetics. I am also a big fan of a few really big bullets over many little ones.

  20. To each his own. I prefer having all ammo I can. What don’t you like about the Ergos? They have great ergonomics especially the M4 with the adjustable stock. Aesthetics I can understand that if you like traditional looking rifles

  21. I have spent so much time with sporting arms that the way you hold one is far more natural for me.

  22. They have more control of people than ever before. Why would anyone think they would give that up?

  23. What does this even mean? You sound like my loony grandpa..

  24. Should listen sometimes those old folks actually know somthing.

  25. I hear what you are saying. Maybe you feel like you can't be proud to be white. Black people have been told it's bad to be black for the whole of American history. so when they say "I'm happy to be black" it is in context to being told they were worth less because of their skin color. When white people get fired up about being white, historically, we kill nonwhite people and burn shit. It's ALL about context. Racism is about power. This girl saying she prefers brown dudes is way more simple. Just like some white dudes like blondes but not redheads

  26. I take pride in who I am as a person. Race does not factor. I feel anyone being told they are superior or inferior for the color of their skin is idiotic.

  27. ... definitely about hate and small minded opinions....and that hate is baked Into our culture. Maybe I have different views because I grew up in a town with an open and active KKK, where people still yell slurs at black people from their cars, and in church say things like "mixing races is against God" .....and then go live out that racism by being rude to black people, not believing POC when they talk about their own experiences, making jokes about their intelligence, and in general don't humanize the actual black and brown people around them. But to circle back around, race does also depend on a power dynamic - in our current culture and country race has been used as the way to disqualify people from participating in society. Keep in mind my own dad was in middle schools in the 60s when the civil rights act was passed ... We are still living through this. It's not "a few bad white people in history". If we keep denying that and telling POC how to feel and telling POC what WE think is or is not true about their lived experiences...well, we are only keeping the status quo. There are a LOT of really smart people who talk about this more eloquently than I. I might suggest reading "unpacking the invisible knapsack" from the 80's. It does a good job talking about how it's hard for white people (like me) to understand why POC say they feel like they do in our culture. If a group of people millions of people in our country are saying something's an issue I just think it's fair to listen to them and take them seriously. Even when I don't fully understand their position (and never will because I can't walk in their shoes) As I would hope they would for me if I was in that situation.

  28. You have done a wonderful examplenof expressing your experience and showing examples of small minded racism.

  29. Not really, he just speaks out on topics that set off the easily triggered. He is actually rather grounded and reasonable.

  30. Hate is biased and often based purely in emotion. I would not expect you to see my point of view.

  31. I was beaten to that goal. Thank you for the example.

  32. It is amazing how quickly people can sieze control to absurd levels using a little bit of fear and the stupidity of large groups.

  33. In the immortal words of Miguel and Tulio, "Both is good."

  34. Destroying capitalism would overthrow most of the 1st worlds power and cause mass panic, struggles for resources and wars. Provided nukes were not used in those wars destroying all life. Yes, the resulting loss of human life and industry would reduce the carbon footprint of humanity.

  35. Your side is being listened to. You're just not willing to accept the fact that your understanding of relationships is borderline manipulative.

  36. And not asking questions for clarification is foolish.

  37. Actually a ton of people who have ADHD have learning disabilities and high rates of anxiety/depression. The trifecta lol

  38. I would believe pepper ball gun also. Looks like all of the firearms are less lethal.

  39. Why is it okay for a woman to have strong opinions and trash men in their bios. But a mortal sin for a man to do the same?

  40. I assume the comments reference Trump. Seriously is a derangement syndrom if you are seeing him in everything.

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