1. Jean-Georges Vongerichten does that

  2. Man everything about that remake was worse than the original lol, should have pulled it out of his nose!

  3. Baker watched the game on Monday and just thought “that was a cool comeback, I’ll just do that”

  4. My CEO announced today we’re going back in the office full time at the beginning of the new year. The funny thing in all this is tonight is the office Christmas party. Just hilarious timing by him to drop this today and not being able to wait like a day

  5. Is Reddit fucked up today or is it my phone that’s causing 504 gateway timeouts

  6. Damn until you explained what it meant I thought you meant the beer from the Simpsons!

  7. Put it back together - fatboy slim

  8. Probably not close enough to be what you’re looking for but in Stephen King’s IT, the character Mike Hanlon talks about how he ate Peanut butter & onion sandwiches when he was younger

  9. Henry’s World? Or Ollie the boy who became what he ate?

  10. It’s “877-cash-now”, JG Wentworth lol

  11. That is Evan Peters in AHS though

  12. Which one though, I thought it was Cult but no luck. I tried other variations of “Evan Peters AHS Prison Your Mom” but no luck. Could you remember which one?

  13. It’s from Cult, just edited my first comment to add a clip

  14. A condescending reply on Reddit and Twitter that starts with “Or, and just hear me out,...” is one of the more annoying things about the Internet

  15. Nah that’s way too obvious. I’ve searched for this film for decades. Went through all the obvious. It was super low budget. Probably shot on a DV cam.

  16. Did you check my two original suggestions or discount them because of the year?

  17. Mmmm maybe check them anyway 🤷‍♂️

  18. Damn Edward Norton sure loves doing racist monologues

  19. Merryweather? Not familiar at all with the Vtube side of YouTube but that’s who I was able to find on google

  20. When you say wearing an old Batman costume do you mean like Adam West era or Michael Keaton era?

  21. I love that movie. I was so bummed when I found out how long until the sequel comes out

  22. I’m just hoping we get Messiah after

  23. Read 1-3 over the summer, they’re amazing

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