1. I'm in the same position as you on this quest. 300 activities seems like it's going to take forever.

  2. IF you do the 3 gambit, 3 Crucible, and 3NF/strikes and 3 defiant battlegrounds a week on each character, that’s 36 per week, and should take you just over 8 weeks. it’s a grind bet def manageable. also, VERY worth the catalyst imo for wither. it’s kinda nice that it’s a passive grind. but the 100 guardian gl kills is what almost got me

  3. also, there are a few “activities” required in order to prevent a return to orbit due to afk. JUST shooting and spinning or JUST walking around sometimes won’t be enough, as the game wants to make sure you are contributing to the activity. sometimes, even if they meet the requirements to stay in the match, it may not count as progress, e.g., they won’t recieve rewards, it won’t count as a completed match, etc. Source: i loath pvp and have tried to “cheese” activities through various means to speed up the match or just lee my sticks moving and firing periodically. this ends up in me having to spend even more time in the activity for it to count as a completion than i would have otherwise. it’s actually a really effective system. i’ve since grown up and just learned to enjoy the matches.

  4. i’ve received loads more exotics this season from world drops. last week, i received 3 in the span of 2 hours. it was weird

  5. one of my roommates used to get hello fresh regularly until it started showing up (also regularly) with the “refrigerated” ingredients being warm..

  6. everyone says warframe but i honestly don’t see it. there way too much going on, the movement is cracked out and just boring after a while, and the gunplay just isn’t there. doesn’t feel remotely close to D1/D2

  7. Not dumb just got caught with your pants down in a destiny subreddit. Happens to the best of us lol

  8. ahhhh is the exotic quest a different instance of avalon? i’ve been sitting on the quest but haven’t started it yet. also i had no idea i could do that mechanic in avalon with the new glaive.. super useful to know

  9. No, but as part of that quest, you enter some secret rooms or blocked-off areas of familiar rooms.

  10. bruh forget that, who keeps letting them CODE???

  11. Oh sh*t, I'm not sure if that's a spoiler or not. If it is I am sorry.

  12. i think it’s beennknow. for a while that sac killed nez?

  13. yep, i picked up destiny 2 again with the start of Lightfall and have been loving it. i realize now that i was in a stockholm syndrome moment with MWII, and really wanted the game to be good. after playing d2, where it’s evident that the devs actually care about the players and the game, i’m realizing just how terrible MWII is all around. i’ve tried playing a match here and there but after getting clapped in my second game (after getting the “reward game” for returning after a while) i just get insanely bored. eomm has truly ruined the Cod experience. i might be back at some point in the future, but my video game playing time is coming to an end and i honestly have no plans to return to CoD. i was really excited at first to get orion and have most guns plat, but now i just don’t care

  14. Couldn't agree more. Gaming time is limited these days, I don't want to spend most of it searching for a match or backing out of them due to the poor hit reg and team balancing. I'd much rather play something else. Hoping GTA6 drops soon or another studio drops a modern shooter that kills cod for good

  15. the new roblox shooter actually looks really good and apparently plays like cod 4 😂

  16. Serious question: Does being resurrected as a Lightbearer cure you if any mental illness you had when you were just a mortal?

  17. hmmm considering that crow is different now but still haunted, i would say you could possibly be cured from your former light hearing self if it related to trauma from a past event you remember, but won’t cure you afterwards.

  18. Drifter actually does mention this! Apparently he would be revived still starving to death, which would indicate that he was brought back to the point before his body took damage from starving but with his stomach still empty.

  19. abhhhh interesting. so probably a day or two at the most? that’s actually a very interesting way to die over an over again. i’m pretty sure you become delirious for a while and then have an overwhelming sense of peace before starvation. at least that’s what happened to Chris McCandles

  20. i’d switch chosen and arrivals, but very respectable list

  21. im curious if this is the lore surrounding the first encounter. Sweeping terror will wipe you unless you can propagate light throughout the arena, after enough light is dispersed, you no longer hold the same ammo t of fear an can move on with light sweeping terror?

  22. do you think it could be the different races of species he has infiltrated?

  23. These are definitely interesting!

  24. ahhhhh that’s super interesting i never noticed the symbol in rhulks room! also i did deep diving into the Maze of Ariadne after watching Dark on netflix. very compelling theory.

  25. I think we also have to consider a sub-category for the sigils, the smaller symbols found at the end of the line work: hemispheres, hexagrams, capped pyramids, hour-glass shapes, and hour-glass shapes bisected by a horizontal bar.

  26. yes! i’m curious about that each endpoint represents and why certain shapes are used

  27. I don't get it. My fireteam have used the same things we've used to easily beat every raid in around an hour. But the bloody planet room! We've spent 4 and a half hours and we can't do it. It takes literally all we have to get it down a quarter. That and everything hits like a freight train which doesn't work well with the mechanic of standing in a small circle to deal damage.

  28. yep, i spend maybe four hours as well there and had to call it quit to head to bed, picked up an lfg today and someone said they have been attempting it for the past 8 hours O.O

  29. Perhaps Calus was given all the bling to stroke his ego? Especially if he was always intended as a lure?

  30. that’s my thinking. in the Witness eyes, all disciples are expendable pieces on a game board, but Calus especially. it’s made remarkably clear in the cutscenes that the Witness couldn’t care less for personal affects and the luster of wealth and prestige. They even refer to Calus’ title of “Emperor” in a way that alludes to its vanity and insignificance to their own greater goals of the final shape.

  31. https://imgur.io/gallery/jpouO1y

  32. god, i cannot wait to find out from Savathun how she killed Nezarec and that story

  33. I mean, you would expect to see pyramid ship architecture on a pyramid ship

  34. yeah it’s only natural. i’m more interested in why bungie chose this design. some people have speculated it my reference to the Yggdrasil tree, but we don’t have a lot of info on that the shape means

  35. How is it cheating if the person has no control over it?

  36. i’m saying it’s like cheating because it’s almost just like having unlimited invis and makes the match unbalanced. although everyone is invis for me, i know to expect it, they don’t, and had many times where enemy’s would run past me or just not shoot when they normally would have seen me. i’m terrible at pvp, and was placing high up on the leaderboard for all 6 games and we won all of them (the match first i played before the bug happened, i lost). that shit just doesn’t happen for me.

  37. Remember when people thought a Snoop Dogg announcer pack was cheesy?

  38. Fortnite has ruined the gaming industry forever

  39. it truely has. every game has to follow the Fortnite model to appease the shareholders at the top bc it makes money. there’s no creativity anymore and Activision now just makes the same micro transactions infested games while limiting the actual creativity of the game devs ( if they even are creative). just look at destiny 2. bungie eventually broke ties w Activision bc they were stifling their creativity, likely to make good “business” decisions. bungie said goodbye to activision, and their story building has gone through the roof, players returning, etc.

  40. We're not killed off because we're not really in the way. A lot of the time we've helped to egg on events, and there's always the hope we might turn to their side. For instance, why did the Witness possess our Ghost when we first landed on Neptune, showing us a conversation with Calus where they revealed their entire plan? The Witness used Calus as bait to get us near the Veil so it could use the Ghost as a proxy.

  41. that’s tru actually. kinda spooky to think back that that they tried to get us to align with them after GoS (possibly to become a disciple??). like imagine where that story would go.

  42. There's no concrete answers, which is a disappointing thing in Lightfall. However, I think it's the same reason we can wield powers of both Light and Dark.

  43. hmmm this is super interesting. i started playin at the end of the season of the bunkers and didn’t get into lore until Arrival. I was never aware that the shard was corrupted!

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