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  1. Why didn’t Howard say “he’s right behind me isn’t he” to break the tension?

  2. Still waiting for the playable Venom from the Ultimate Spider-Man game

  3. Can't wait for an actual Venom and Carnage models to become playable.

  4. Been in a similar situation, except reddit full on deleted a post of me and my boyfriend without any warning/ban reason.

  5. The Lost Hussars... They never arrived I guess

  6. I love dying light 2 but I don't know if you have any questions or concerns please visit the plug-in settings

  7. As the drum roll started on that day, heard a hundred miles away!

  8. Yes! He makes me the happiest guy in the world :)

  9. I loved when he said "you just got Wicked", literal chills!

  10. As someone who both is part of the LGBTQ+ community and also catholic, I still don't understand why people use religion as an excuse to discriminate. Even before the tendencies, I always thought that only God decided where people go, because you can't control who you're attracted to or what genders make you comfortable.

  11. Yoo where my fellow LGBTQ+ Catholics at

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