1. How do you know metal is more popular in Finland than elsewhere?

  2. Geography of Heavy Metal Bands - Geography Realm

  3. I did. But that doesn't tell you how many bands Finland has. If Finland has more bands per capita than other countries, then it follows that there would be more heavy metal bands too. You can't draw a conclusion from just the figure you cited.

  4. Wouldn't it say so in the ingredients list?

  5. It would, to people bothering to read it before buying. Otherwise they just happily chug their Maple flavored syrup.

  6. The price the Czech person mentioned is very similar to real maple syrup prices in Finland.

  7. Well that makes sense. If they are allowed to apply to regular immigration programs then it's ok, being a refugee is not about getting an entire new life, it's about surviving.

  8. I would say being a refugee is about getting a new life.

  9. Then from my perspective anyone should be able to get a new life, even without war. And that brings problems aka uncontrolled immigration

  10. Refugees are human beings too, and human beings don't thrive if they're only provided with shelter. If they're gonna have to relocate out of necessity, might as well go all the way through.

  11. You're right; however, Europeans don't have a monopoly on butter dishes, you'll find them in every household around the world that values having spreadable butter on hand.

  12. I've never seen a butter bell in Finland. However, many people use a butter + rapeseed oil margarine blend that is fairly spreadable straight out of the fridge. Tastes better than regular butter in my opinion.

  13. Only viable with a melee team. I've ran it extensively in dreams when farming for vulbis mats with melee idols.

  14. Doesn't water sram use traps like the rest of elements? Why is it melee?

  15. Water traps are outperformed by earth trap. You only really use the water build for the healing spells, which requires everyone to be close to the targetted mob.

  16. What's the notes app called? I have an Android but don't have an app called Notes.

  17. Oh was it renamed to Google Keep? That's what searching the playstore keeps trying to point me to.

  18. It's just called "Keep notes" on my phone.

  19. Well at least in Finland, not being a criminal and knowing the language are requirements to get citizenship. I don't get why you'd need more than 5 years to get it.

  20. Being a good character, know the language and history.

  21. This just made me realise this line was a reference in a game I played 10 years ago.

  22. As a conscript? What do you do that teaches you something you couldn't have learned pursuing goals that people generally pursue at that age?

  23. I learned how to take care of myself, Cook, survive, workout, follow orders, taking charge, leadership skills, taking feedback, giving feedback, working as a team, problem solving, first aid, discipline, confidence, trust...I mean I could sit here all day listning things 19 year old me learned.

  24. That just sounds like things you learn when you move away from home and pursue higher education or equivalent.

  25. That's irrelevant to my comment, where I respond to the user who sees this weird meat brigade on Reddit.

  26. By your same logic, your comment is irrelevant to the comment you responded to since it's talking about people who base a large part of their identity around eating meat rather than any meat eater.

  27. Read it again, anyways I'm done responding to you because you are easily irritated and took this personally for some weird fucking reason.

  28. Based on the tone of your reply, I think the only person who's irritated here is you.

  29. I'm of the understanding that as long as you step off the panda on your turn you can still hit? Panda just needs to play after you and pick you back up. This strat would be optimal for many dungeon duos

  30. If you step off you get a 50% damage reduction. The next turn if you step off you keep the pacifist state.

  31. Yeah you are right about the boots. The reason to put %spell it's it's slightly more damage than having %ranged due to the way a mix of %spell and %ranged damage mix. It's very small, but is it a damage increase. Additionally, having %spell damage magea means you can swap your gear and play melee when needed. Granted for this you'll probably need a panda to carry you

  32. The Panda strat has been dead for a few months now, and I don't think you'd ever want to play melee Fogger with a crit build. I suppose if you want to use the same set on other classes it might be a consideration, but melee crit builds usually want to use a weapon.

  33. Germany gets about 400.000 people from EU-Country's every year in the last 20 years, but it isn't enough. The economy needs way more workers. The truth is, that EU country's are fighting against each other to get skilled workers.

  34. It's funny how the people downvoting you are totally oblivious to how hard EU countries are trying to compete for highly skilled foreigners.

  35. Massive benefits for the industry, because cheap labor. Massive drawbacks for the general population.

  36. There's little evidence to support the claim that immigration depresses wages.

  37. Not in high level PvP where most people have 30%+ baseline res Lol

  38. A good amount of classes can deal 5000 in a turn.

  39. Aite ill bite, gimme me 5 kta builds that can deal 5k single target damage in 1 turn with reasonable setup.

  40. Except it doesn’t prove the thing it’s apparently trying to prove. Only about half of the phrases sound like they’re the phrases and again you wouldn’t know what they were until told. And even then most of the phrases are clearly missing words. At least with animal sounds you could get a phrase that would be recognizable without the assist, thereby at least proving something.

  41. But then the phrases don’t really sound like the phrases. So has it demonstrated that? Or has it mostly demonstrated the opposite? If you just blindly listened tot he seven samples now, would you be able to discern which is saying what?

  42. It has demonstrated that you can discern what is being said if you know what to expect.

  43. I don't think that happens in most developed countries. What usually happens is that you get banned from the country you broke into and you might get convicted in your home country.

  44. Not in Australia if you’re seeking asylum

  45. The processing centres are not officially detention centres, and entering the country without relevant documents to seek asylum is not illegal. You won't hear me defending the Australian system though.

  46. Chocolate sprinkles perhaps.

  47. I’m frankly shocked that this many people have never realized this. A ton of pills are like this

  48. I've never seen a pill like this.

  49. Which does start coming apart in your tongue if you're too slow.

  50. https://huzounet.fr/stuffs/opti-199

  51. Sadida or Feca might be better instead of Elio.

  52. I mean ur welcome to deal with a Karen who is trying to make a mess out of nothing, and blaming the man for something most likely didn't do ? you welcome to deal with te people who think that just because they are the custumer meaning you should deal with their tantrums. if she is that immature to deal with something like that with a respectful manner, since generally people shouldn't be accepting respect if they dont give it, than maybe she should return to the US, and avoid leaving her bubble. jeez

  53. The guy is the one who was being disrespectful.

  54. Yeah but league actually has a lot of unique characters with strong personalities and stories between them. It’s the nature of the game, each character has to be unique visually and narratively otherwise people won’t play them. Coupled with the strong world building, short stories and comics between the characters, and a history of making cinematics with their own characters, making a good tv show was just a matter of writing a good story since the foundation is already there.

  55. Castlevania was also a successful adaptation despite the thin story of the source material.

  56. The double xp is only for dofus retro right ?

  57. People usually go full agi mode, but some prefer to use multi stuff (Way more expensive), which server do you play?

  58. Multi Osa has been dead for a while.

  59. At 35+? Yeah sure, like where? And how are you gonna make sure? Blue-green algae isn’t always visible and rapid tests are worth a shit.

  60. I think you're just being paranoid.

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