1. You do know MUs being DBC’s increase their chances of being official episodes right?

  2. I havent seen this template in a long ass time

  3. Good art, i only have a problem with the matchup itself since Garf and Snoop are canonically friends

  4. I posted this in a server and I got bombasted with "this is unredeemably bad" and "L gifs" cuz I put Dick at the bottom, I kept saying I didnt vibe with it and they kept asking "why? Why? Why?" Over and over again like I need an essay's worth of explanations as to why I dont like it. It put me in a really bad mood and it got worse after they shit talked behind my back cuz I dont have the popular opinion.

  5. I just don't like the fight dynamic at all, especially since I can't envision Gwenpool getting dragged through galaxies and shit when she's clearly shown to be on the level of street-tiers. Sure Prime interacting with the Gutter Space is cool, but that's about the only thing worth noting.

  6. Then just...don't have that happen in the fight? Like not every character has to fight equal to their power level, Prime isnt gonna just punch a multiversal punch in front of Gwenpool or anything

  7. All I'm saying is you essentially have to limit Prime to perform a full-length fight which is lame as hell. I'd vastly prefer if Prime were to fight someone in the same ball-park as he is, not out of fairness, but so he can actually go ham with his powers. Which is one of my biggest pet-peeves I think.

  8. Pls don’t cmere with dogshit matchups I just need some easyish to make tns

  9. Nah you deserve mr Copypasta!!!!!! GRAAAAA VENOMMMMMMM

  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/DeathBattleMatchups/comments/105cgfz/nox_vs_az_wakfu_vs_pokemon_connections_in_comment/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  11. who is the guy on top and what are his connections to nox? also where would you put king orange.

  12. Nvm its debatable now, i have been alerted of possibly outer PVZ

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