AITA for yelling at my girlfriend for baking a dessert for a dinner party?

The process of taking a painful L

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Unpopular Opinion: Lucas gets the most undeserved hate

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  1. For reference, I live in a very wealthy area. Mostly upper middle class and above where it is very rare to see any homeless people. I have spotted people late at night or early in the morning going around the garden looking through different plots and then returning to their very expensive cars or e bikes. It’s really unlikely the people stealing are in need of food. Just for some context.

  2. Thieves don't have to be poor. Some steal for need, others for want, or because they can.

  3. I don't care what anyone says, that man is still alive. He has to survive!

  4. There are many fragrance free sulfur bar soaps you can use. They don't smell the best because it is sulfur, and not added fragrance. You may want to check Etsy for products if you are looking for something in liquid cleanser form that is fragrance free

  5. I’ve thought she does something to save them since I heard that line. That’s why Nat is completely fucked up as an adult.

  6. Natalie is the voice of reason in the group. She views the world as it is, like an adult not like a teen, ie worrying about boys, popularity, or public opinion. That voice of reason will be what saves them

  7. Could he not buy his own frozen meals while you were away? Could he not Google you tube videos on cooking? NTA. He is just making excuses

  8. NTA. It is not your money. It is your daughter's money.

  9. NTA. Autism is more than being picky, and obviously your family does not comprehend that. You compensated the waiter well and had explained the reasons for your request. I don't see the issue.

  10. When I was a kid, we were told if you looked at them, they’d write your name in their web and then they’d eat you the next morning or some crap. 😆

  11. Odd. We were told they were good luck, and it was bad luck if you disturbed their web.

  12. I love these spiders. They are beautiful. I do everything I can not to disturb them.

  13. YTA. Point blank. If she doesn't go, tell your mom it is because of something you did, and that you are in the wrong. You do not need to go into details.

  14. Dustin, Steve, Robin and Hopper. These are a must

  15. It may just be your face shape. It sounds like you have a round face. You are underweight for your height so it isn't "fat". You are still growing and your face will change.

  16. OP, please make sure there are no spoilers in the title of your post.

  17. Disownhim immediately! Bob saved people in the lab that were instrumental to the progression of the show. He was kind, smart, a lovely human being. He showed so much concern for Will and Joyce. I love Hopper, but Bob would have been a perfect father figure for Will.

  18. If Dawn didn't work, definitely try peroxide

  19. A girl who breaks into a vending machine and only takes what she paid for

  20. Juicy Gold, maybe. My nose thinks it is similar to Fantasy but not too similar. The scent lasts a good while too. I also enjoy By Rosie Jane line of fragrances - playful but sophisticated without smelling 'matronly', and no strong synthetic notes.

  21. Wrecking ball by Mylie Cyrus. Or wildflowers by Tom Petty, covered by Mylie

  22. I loved Mike in season 1&2. In season 3 he was a little cocky and had lost the kindness and endearing quality he once had. Season 4 Mike is focused on himself and El and little else. His little boy traits did not follow him in his teen years

  23. I highly recommend Yellow Jackets. I think it's on Showtime. It is pretty awesome

  24. I don't understand how people only see the bad in the main kids when the good in them is just as glaringly obvious. They all can be dumb, selfish, mean, or disrespectful at times. They're kids. Adults are like that irl too. But they all can also be kind, considerate, self less, and are willing to die for each other. Lucas didn't abandon them and they didn't abandon him. They had different things to do at the same time. It happens.

  25. They were high school freshman, right? I took it as a point to show that they were growing up and branching out, but in the end still had each other's back. How many times in season 4 did characters say "I'm here/I'm still here"?

  26. Big fears in the 80's consisted of child abduction and or satanic sacrifice (with D&D and music to blame), nuclear war and AIDs.

  27. Haven’t looked anything up. But considering people thought Pokémon was the devils work in 1999. I can almost certainly 100% guarantee people definitely thought it was a satanic ritual.

  28. I want to know what occurred before the start of this clip. Customer said she was going to report the cashier. There is more to this.

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