Do I still look cute after 4 kids? 33F

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  1. I just discovered lolalashala (sp?) on insta kinda slow but posts some occasional good stuff

  2. It sounds like you may have damaged your barrier and become sensitized even more so. I suggest getting some collidal oatmeal for masks, and a collidal oatmeal serum. Collidal oatmeal is really nourishing and gentle and protecting. Just use those until your skin returns to normal, then slowly phase back in gentle day to day products mixed with some of the CO serum.

  3. Thanks so much for this suggestion! I was looking into something like this previously so perhaps I’ll give it another go.

  4. Try and find something that isn’t drug store maybe? I know Aveeno has one, but check to make the prime, if not only ingredient is collidal oatmeal.

  5. NTA. Your friend sounds terribly spoiled and took advantage of peoples kindness. The only way people like this learn is by being exposed. Liars are the worst.

  6. NTA. Employers are completely ridiculous these days. You’re not the one applying for a job. If you want to avoid drama, just give the shortest answer possible and move on.

  7. NTA. Your SIL’s wedding was 6 years ago. No one, I repeat, NO ONE remembers the details of her wedding or venue the way she does. She already knew your uncle was part owner/ chef. SIL is probably more mad that because of the discounts you’ve been offered by family, will mean you’ll have things her wedding didn’t. She’s jealous and being extremely petty. Keep your venue.

  8. Thank you, will look that up! ❤️

  9. They also have a glowy skin one that’s really nice too!!

  10. Ooh I had seen this one, but was a little undecided. How is the “glow” factor, I’m not 20 so I’d like something more subtle and less Twilight sparkly vampire.

  11. Ha. Same. It’s pretty glowy. When I first put it on I had concerns. But once I put in my makeup and a little powder, it was fine.

  12. This looking like cystic acne. Because the cysts are forming in the dermal layer, you might need to visit a dermatologist. In the meantime, you first can deal with the inflammation. Use soothing ingredients like aloe, chamomile, even abs oat serum will help without compromising your skin barrier.

  13. Thank you! With the aloe and chamomile, am I just rubbing it into my skin? Do I wash it off?

  14. And look for those ingredients in toners, serums, moisturizer and make sure you are using sunscreen

  15. The left didn’t storm DC to over throw an election they rightfully lost.

  16. I agree with the first poster about learning the requirements for your state. Secondly, you will need to consider business and liability insurance. Once you’re up and running consider purchasing health insurance, or you can do that now depending on your state and insurance enrollment. I wouldn’t play games with making money under the table. If a client has a reaction and sues, you good have a very big problem. Not to mention possible tax evasion and things like that.

  17. Cute babies, dogs, funnel cake, cows and horses.

  18. Always willing to find out! 😅 so good to hear from you!

  19. Ha! You look fantastic. Come to NYC we can find out together. 😘

  20. 🫢😏sounds good to me…

  21. I’m also a little concerned. I’m a recent graduate and just started at my first job. I’m in NYC, and I feel like clients here, will do what they can to maintain their skin. When times are tough, people want to buy or do things that make them feel good. So long as there aren’t anymore quarantines, I think estheticians will be ok.

  22. YTA. Your both kids, so I’ll cut you some slack, but that’s not how you speak to a child when you could have done that shit yourself.

  23. It depends on how your skin is feeling. I’d use your cleanser as is, then add an exfoliating enzyme mask and use that once a week. That should be enough.

  24. Having curtains and being able to scoop the stuff out of the kitchen sink drain with your bare hand.

  25. I think it’s when you stop connecting. People change, they grow out of people just like things.

  26. Can you describe you skin in a bit more detail? Is your acne inflamed (red/hot)? Is it all over your face? Do you have all kinds of acne, blackheads, whiteheads (pustules) and cysts? Do you break out on your chest and back?

  27. I'd say 70% of it isn't inflamed, and 30% is. It's all over my face (forehead, a little on the jawline, around my temples, cheeks) The majority of it is on my cheeks though! As for the 70% I mentioned, they are big&small stubborn skin-colored bumps that have stringy pus when squeezed and blackheads! I've been struggling with that initially, and have gone to get a facial as well, but they kept on coming back. The 30% being small inflamed whiteheads, and the occasional cyst. At first, it was just blackheads, then the skin-colored bumps, then whiteheads followed. At the moment I have a mix of the 3. I also get a cyst every once in a while. And yes, I do break out on my back and chest as well! But my chest isn't as bad as my back. (Sorry if my explanation isn't the best)

  28. No this is great. Based on what you are describing, it does sound like you have Grade 4 acne. The spots that never come to a head and keep coming back is because they are cysts and they have a sack. If that isn’t removed, it will keep recurring. I’ve dealt with these myself and are the literal fucking worst. I absolutely understand your feeling about accutane. There is the option of Spironolactone. It is a prescription, so another derm visit will be in order.

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