1. hahaha his new office duties is to help the workers to release stress, by fucking all of the chicks in threesomes and foursomes, GIGACHAD.

  2. haha, what I find hilarious is that no one ever dies. Dudes about to destroy the entire continental civilization but they not only survive the fight but they become best buddies with the protagonist. So lame. Good games, I guess, but I can't take them seriously.

  3. Vol 1 Horikita might have gone down on her knees if that's how he always looked

  4. Yeah, bro, in LN and anime show she asked Ayo if he worked out because he was ''muscular,'' she was totally mirin' the dude. Imagine if he actually had a muscular body.

  5. Nah I don't mean the LN illustration, just saying that him being muscular dosen't make much sense. He's probably more of a lean muscular guy.

  6. Never coming back to this piece of shit toon again until it is finished. Every chapter is made with an intention to piss you the fuck off.

  7. I actually believe that is what Jiiro is trying to achieve here lol. He/she wants us to hate this pornwa series, but I suppose it's really popular in Asia since Asia has always ever had a NTR cuck fetish?

  8. I think the only way this happens is if Pho’s dad dies.

  9. Technically she is not really loyal anymore😬 but I think she stuck around for Pyo to have a “family”

  10. Yeah, but she was sexually and economically coerced and forced into doing it with the disgusting landlord. If she hadn't done it, the landlord would've kicked Pyo's family out of the house, and then they'd end up homeless.

  11. I'm in my thirties, so I'm probably old enough to be your biological father, so I've been around the block, and lemme tell you brah, that if a woman won't fuck you on the first date/first week of knowing you; she will never fuck you.

  12. No, I'm being pretty honest here. That is one of my sweetest inner and personal qualities.

  13. We all know it’s gonna end with mc alone or dead at this point I don’t get the hype anymore cuz it was hype before becuz we didn’t know who jiro was truly supporting till ch 47 now every time someone outside of glass for now mentions the mc he’s bastardized clear as day where this is heading now legit everyone can guess the plot I’ll put money that next few weeks the fable 3some gonna happen with boss and Mina

  14. Yeah, people don't seem to realize that this story was never a revenge story like what happened with the MC from My Kingdom, where the dude begins as a complete fucking loser simp, and over the course of time and hardship, he becomes a gigachad, defeats his arch-enemy, and tells the woman he was obsessed with, to fuck off lol.

  15. Bro is going to strategically fuck all of the chicks at the same time in the conference room, I'm 99% sure it's going to happen eventually.

  16. How would that work exactly, financially? Would everyone join assets? If I was a man I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be the sole or primary breadwinner for that many people. As a woman though, it probably would be nice to have that many guys providing for you. There’s no way I’d ever not use condoms though, whether I was a man or a woman in that scenario. The risk of STDs isn’t worth it. Also, what about the kids? Who is helping with them?

  17. these chicks must have the most muscular backs in pornwa to be able to carry tits as huge as that comfortably LMAO.

  18. looool because most of the guys on this sub are 15-25 and these kids want to get laid and their fathers never took them to the gym to get fit and aesthetic, and so, they can't get laid to save their lives?

  19. Hari and nari ooof I need my big boy pants to decide which one is endgame

  20. I'm pretty sure Landlady Noona is the end-game girl. Dude has been obsessed with her since he was a little boy, he just wasn't aware that his obsession for her was romantic in nature, and she has always been obsessed with the guy too.

  21. Off to war with them. Or some other kind of life and death struggle. Some of these guys need to die, and peacetime military service doesn't do that.

  22. I just don't know which girl should I choose, I should have choosed Nari if only she wasn't a bitch at start.now she is the hottest one.

  23. oh, true, true. I've been reading too much Japanese manga these days.

  24. if you are smart, not only do you buy it, but sit pretty while you watch her take it LMAO

  25. It means Reiji is seeing Gen as the good-natured kid that Gen was when the two of them were young, before Yuki destroyed Gen and made him mentally unstable.

  26. I'm really loving this incoming wave of socially incompetent mangakas who use manga to creatively satisfy their delusions about women and romantic relationships, real classy, bros.

  27. Man, would have been refreshing if an author actually commited to this situation for once and the MC accepted this kind of offer. Them having sex doesn’t mean that she is the one who wins.

  28. MC's in Japanese romcom a lot more often than not have low sex drives, and since they start the series being virgins, they don't know how good it feels to be with a woman, which is why you have these wallflower soft MCs running away from absolute babes, even when they are throwing themselves at the guys.

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