1. Why?? I get banned for saying “lol” and “jsjdjdhdhdh” because they said it was sxual content, but there’s people doing this?? Bruh

  2. Also if you can’t handle a drawing of a woman’s clothed chest then I think you should go elsewhere because it’s a little bit creepy. That’s like saying someone should cover up their lower leg because “kids.” It’s a game and please just let me have fun with my character. If you want your characters to be more covered, cool, but saying that isn’t going to make me just redesign my character.

  3. Is this at (the now closed) Brooks AFB, by any chance?

  4. More likely, it is an abandoned surplus vehicle.

  5. It's an old out of use ground training vehicle on an Army base.

  6. My Friend of Misery. Not too hard but has some nice grooves in it.

  7. Really? As first song? And what about the initial arpeggio? I assume that op has just started playing or he wouldn't ask what is the easiest song.

  8. One of the very first songs I learned on bass. I didn't find it all that hard.

  9. Still love it, just doesn't sit as well with me as the others.

  10. I always felt the lyrics to Fuel were pretty bad but the song itself can't help but be so cool.

  11. I thunk Hardwired's production has DM beat, but in terms of songwriting and atmosphere, I love what Death Magnetic has to offer far and above Hardwired.

  12. "I hunger, I eat" just wtf, how much more lazy can you get than this.

  13. "I huuungeeeerrr, I Feasssst" would have been better and fit the vibe. Surprised Bob didn't get that out of him.

  14. Never thought of that lol but I agree, that would fit so much better.

  15. Fuckin Roam rhythm riff. Been trying for a few months and i cant get it.

  16. I hear you, that one's a challenge for me as well.

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