1. Yea they are a problem you want to take care of right away. You may have lots of them flying towards a door or window when it warms up trying to get outside and start a new colony.

  2. Welcome to Turners !! Great place to kick back and relax. There is so much to do there. Bowling, Horse shoes, outdoor concerts, movie nights ( both in the pool and out), kickball, softball, swim team, All kinds of festivals, circus classes, summer camp for the kids. My favorite is getting a cocktail from the lounge and heading down to the riverbank, gather some driftwood, and enjoy a bonfire. There is something magical about the place.

  3. I can't advise you, but just wanted to say I sure did enjoy Moab while visiting there

  4. Turners is way better. They got a laissez-faire attitude about everything, it’s a little slice of paradise!

  5. I second Turners. Pool is great. Plus they have bowling, outdoor concerts, softball, baseball, kickball, horse shoes, and bonfires in the summer by the riverfront.PLus cheep drinks in the lounge with a great view of the river.At least go there for the steamboat race and check it out.

  6. I'm hesitant to get my hopes up. I got an automated call from Spectrum yesterday telling my "internet connectivity has been restored", only to get home from work and find that my internet was still down...lol. I seriously feel like I'm dealing with the cable company employee's from South Park at this point.

  7. LPT: get with the Spectrum chat feature on line and ask for a credit for the down time.

  8. If only lg&e would do the same. I’d love to get some credit for the generator fuel I used.

  9. I thought the same thing but then realized I just paid for fuel instead of gas from LG&E. Energy is energy no matter where you get it from.

  10. I believe internet providers wait for the utility company to set poles back. Once poles are up, indernet providers can do their thing.

  11. No power as of this morning. Map shows 192 homes without power in my trapazoid on the map. Haven't seen or heard any trucks at all.

  12. Yeah, considering we'd ski with empty twelve pack boxes stuck on our heads, looking out through the handle slits, the water quality was probably the least dangerous thing about us being on the water.

  13. Don’t forget Moab with Arches and Canyonlands right there.

  14. Yes it's a refrigerator accessory. It helps the cook assure that square meals are served consistently.

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