1. I’m going to confess I wasn’t even paying attention to the scene today I was just was mesmerized by her πŸ˜…

  2. They were amazing & Tabyana proves to people who said she couldn’t act or do emotional scenes wrong !

  3. I was so proud of her today 😒 keeps on making the haters look goofy. When she wins her Emmy they should be embarrassed

  4. I've always wondered why Trina's last name is Robinson and not Taggart...

  5. Spencer and Trina are my favorites! They have the most chemistry I’ve seen from young actors in a long time. It reminds me of Sonny and Brenda. Their love story is so beautiful I am always glued to the screen when they are on. Both amazing actors being paired together to make magic

  6. I am wondering if the hook is going to be some random student from PCU.

  7. This! I’ve been thinking the same it’s probably some random character we’ve never heard of that goes to PCU or is related to Ryan Esme Heather

  8. So this was a solid slow burn. My issue is I don't see them chemistry with this actress that I did with the former. And she's a good actress. That's not it. I just don't see the fire and the longing that I saw before.

  9. It doesn’t matter every type of chemistry is different they definitely have some type of chemistry have you seen their recent scenes you don’t have to like them but you can see theirs chemistry πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

  10. i was finally yessss & about time but then cursed the writers for giving them pain & breaking them up. gh writers really wants fans to suffer for investing.

  11. This is the problem why should we have to wait 2 years for a simple kiss it’s not even realistic. I was a chalynn fan but the writers throw everything at them it’s made me lose interest

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