1. I'm currently building this! it's absolutely a amazing build!

  2. well, technically she was partially correct, Athena is the Greek goddess of Sex and War. which can be represented as "Love"

  3. it's pretty normal to swear at 16, even more so with the allowance of the parents. Sadly I wasn't allowed to swear in the house till 18 or else i ate a good ol bar of soap lol :/

  4. Lol my family was the same way, however I surprisingly enjoyed the taste of basically all the soaps my mom tried using on me. so I would end up eating it and making myself sick, which was a punishment in itself but she stopped because of that so she just used a plastic coolaid spoon or made me clean rocks when the spoon broke

  5. A minor is under 18 and you can legally drive at 15 with a farmers permit. So, I dont get it.

  6. kid might not be a farmer, or know how to get one. he might be 14 who knows.

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