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  1. Hi. Did you ever find it? Even in japanese? I've been looking for it but I can't find it anywhere

  2. One day I spent hours looking for something like this and never found anything. Im happy to know this exists. Tysm for the link!

  3. 8. Two elders, their two kids with their spouses and two children, one of each kid. Was ready to keep expanding with nraas and add another baby and a dog but i got overwhelmed and moved out one of the kids with her husband and baby and went down to 5 😅

  4. It's hard to think of anything specific. I just know that there are other styles that can match the Sims 4 and look better. People have complained that they look like furries, but I bet there are multiple "furry" art styles that would be easier to look at for long periods of time for a larger amount of players. I've never strongly berated ts4 for not finding another style, as nothing would please everyone. I just really wish the werewolves didn't look like that.

  5. You can make the vampires in ts4 look scary if you want or at least somewhat menacing. With veins and scars in the face, white pupils and big black circles under the eyes. Idk they can look creepy with the walk and everything. I once had a vampire sim in his dark form who drank from a sim with the StrangerVille infection and then turned into a StrangerVille zombie being in the dark form with the wide open eyes and tilted head and it kinda creeped me out. And yeah werewolfs so far seem friendly and nice sims hahaha

  6. Ok I wasn't expecting this answer 😂 you're right, the outfit is the problem and when they woohoo they change but it's funny, like they're throwing a tantrum "I will disappear until I get some action" 😂

  7. I was going to comment this. I'm still sad about his passing and couldn't believe it at first.

  8. That one sounds awesome! It has a great description, can't wait to read it. Thanks!

  9. I wish the books your sim writes could end up in the bookstore. I really spend time thinking up titles, and they become "bestsellers" but no one is actually selling them, LOL

  10. The books your sims write are not in the bookstore but they are sometimes in the library. You can also see sims around town reading the books your sim wrote. Same with painting, the paintings your sim makes and sells from the inventory sometimes appear on the walls in the art gallery. Maybe you knew all this already but I learned it after years of playing the game

  11. Supernatural was one of my favorite packs. One of my favorite human sims married a blue fairy man… n the super natural kids actually came out a mix of both their shades… so a darker blue. They had 3 kids 2 fairies one human. And the last time I played sims 3 the wife was now a sweet old lady and the dad still was a young adult. Their kids had all moved out but they were still in love. 😭 I miss them so much I think about recreating them all the time.

  12. Sweet story. Some times I think about families I've played and get so nostalgic and miss them so much and hate not having saved the save file. I still get sad about a family I lost when my hard drive broke years ago without a backup. Is funny our emotional connection to our pixels.

  13. Yeah I agree! I feel people make these charts just to seem insightful. Just chill out and enjoy the game, all the packs have great content and none of them are “bad”. Sims 4 on the other hand….

  14. And everyone enjoys the game differently. The packs I rarely play are many people's favorites, and some of my favorite packs are disliked by many. All packs are pretty good and make the game full of features we continue to be amazed by after playing for years.

  15. This screenshot looks amazing! The cloudy wheather, the neon signs, the green car, the mountains in the background... I love this game

  16. He's in the civic planner branch of the civil designer career from eco lifestyle

  17. You can also turn off EA's story progression too in the game's options menu.

  18. In Story Progression by NRAAS, there's options to turn off immigration. I've never noticed Sims moving out when I use it. It takes a lot of time to sort through all the settings, though, and you have to remember to save the tunings/settings so you don't have to redo it when you switch save files. I like the detail it goes into, though, especially when combined with Register

  19. Same here. I went to play TS4 and I was looking for the phone in the inventory lol

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