1. I feel like I've seen this exact same plant hanger posted about a dozen times.

  2. The amount of people who touch mushrooms and toadstools they don't recognize astounds me

  3. Bug eggs ahoy. You'll definitely want to squash the squabbies while you have the chance matey. And install some sticky bug traps to pretoect yer plunder.

  4. This angle made me think it had been decapitated and it's body was still lying there

  5. You may be over watering it if it's getting enough light. Try letting the soil dry all the way out between waterings

  6. If anyone enjoyed this documentary I recommend The Birth of Sake.

  7. It’s actually an alcoholic strawberry milk drink from Japan! 😊

  8. I didn't know that was even a thing but at the same time why did you bother replacing your vodka with another liquor? It honestly looks like cum.

  9. Was it actually popcorn or were you smoking in the Airbnb. I only ask because they have different solutions.

  10. Alright then the cat litter is a good method but to be completely honest I doubt your hosts will be too worried about legit popcorn getting burnt. Everyone has burnt a bag of popcorn, open the doors and windows and just fan the area out. If they question you be honest and apologize and explain how you attempted to fix the smell.

  11. I'm so sorry but I read this as a cat the refused to be put to sleep.

  12. I'm obsessed does anyone know where I can buy a ring of this mineral?

  13. I feel horrible constantly about this but I work full time weird hours and I'm exhausted. Or sick. All. The time.

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