AITA for not wanting my bestfriend to be my Maid of Honour anymore?

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  1. I'm wearing very similar shoes but these are full heels rather than the heel being on the balls of the feet like she wears πŸ˜… I had to be able to walk around

  2. Didn't they bring back statix for Milennium Force this year?

  3. I wouldn't know πŸ˜… but I would sell a limb for Alton towers to do a range of these

  4. Always fun to see some of my designs in the wild. These were the β€œStatix” line from CoasterDynamix. We had quite a few B&M models, PTCs, and Intamin trains. If I had to guess one of the current CD employees may hop on and provide some additional info.

  5. If you mean important to the franchise of starwars, then no it's ANH or ESB

  6. I'd say the Smiler is a solid ride but ultimately it's pretty much just an inversion fest with nothing to balance it out between the elements. It kind of feels like two above average coasters joined together in a limited footprint.

  7. I completely agree with the smiler and personally I'm not overly bothered by it, but I'm not going to deny that lots of people love it and many people travel to the UK to ride it. It is a world class coaster simply because of its two world records. Most inversions and most track per square metre. It may not be for you, and that's fine I understand that.

  8. Smiler definitely has comparisons as a world class coaster, Nemesis is in the same park going from your previous comments.

  9. Nemesis isn't a comparison to the smiler because they offer completely different experiences.

  10. I feel like slinky dog dash is so popular because Hollywood studios didn't have many main attractions (tower of terror and rocking rollercoaster being the main ones) when it opened.

  11. I agree with all of this, and the point about popularity makes sense. I guess what I'm trying to say is that of the eight attractions I did at Hollywood Studios yesterday, I considered it the weakest, and I didn't even get on Tower of Terror.

  12. I feel like I'm a bad judge because I've only been on its once and when I did go on it there was no runaway railway or starwars land. I see what you mean but I kinda preferred it to the other rollercoaster at Hollywood studios (perhaps I'm becoming an old woman and prefer the smoother ride to the one that bashes my head in).

  13. Been on Red Force, Kingda Ka and Top Thrill Dragster. If I was to rate them in order of which I prefer it would be:

  14. I agree about the cool sound affect when the launch goes off, and the view is lovely. But shambhala is amazing and easily the best rollercoaster in Spain imo. And while it has competition, I would put it in top 5 in Europe. Nemesis, icon and taron are tough competition though.

  15. Went on it yesterday. Theming is bang on. Smooth as heck launch and love the F1 car noise it roars as you launch off.

  16. Wrong I wasn't scared. This is slander.

  17. That’s so good!!! You look great. Where did you get the wig please? It’d be great for a Lum cosplay I’m trying to do lol.

  18. Great costume! (And great photography too!) Do you have a collection of these?

  19. There all on my insta (pura_cosplay) 😊

  20. I've defo thought about it! She Hulk is my next Marvel cosplay but I'll consider Scarlet witch for after that 😊

  21. If you haven't already I'd recommend you get the paint + tools set, you'll need a trusty pair of clippers and it'll have the paints you need to get started. Also get a can of primer! Good luck and have fun!

  22. I have the starter paint set, clippers, glue and some brushes 😊 I haven't got a spray primer tho will have to invest

  23. Very nice! I would also recommend you pick up some vanguard veterans. They are extremely useful and about they best melee threat ultramarines have outside of guilliman.

  24. After I've set up and painted all of these I'll keep an eye out 😊

  25. Your best friend is pregnant... Wtf?? Grow up. If you loved her and cared for her you would have been happy for her. Appreciated her attempt at keeping it on the down low for your sake.

  26. Depending on your budget the suregrip fame skates are really good from my experience. But I do think Rio are great beginners skates at a low price. I do like my beach bunnies which are pastel but they are quite expensive if you're just starting.

  27. I read a lot of non fiction for my MA and when I read for enjoyment I do stick to typically 'easy' reading. Yes I do love long fantasy books, and the occasional classic. But most of my reading revolves around just what I feel like. I'm not uneducated at all. But yes most of my favourite books are 'mindless pop media' because that's what makes me happy and relaxed πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ you don't have to like something you know is good quality, nor does something you like have to be good quality.

  28. Male characters who commit atrocities and then are excused by the narrative because of his trauma...

  29. Anakin is not redeemable. That's not the point. He can never repent for what he's done, but he's found peace and finally could let go of people he loved for his own and their own sakes.

  30. The silence of the girls by pat Barker

  31. I got the same exact pair for Christmas and I am so in love with them! Do you know where you got your toe covers from? They’re so cute!

  32. My brother got them me, I think he got them from Etsy

  33. Hilary Mantel was the first one who came to my mind. Zadie Smith as well...

  34. Did you make that face mask? That's a really cool touch!

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