1. At my last job we did a carbonara, the egg yolk shavings right on top

  2. When it comes to the work outs I’d love to recommend yoga! It can not only give a great stretch but can also provide cardio. You could include the boys as some of the poses can feel silly but fun. Like the frog pose lol. Yoga with Adrienne is one of my favorites on YouTube:) good luck on your journey!

  3. If a woman doesn't like something, but her partner insists to do it just bc he likes it, the comments would be completelly different. He would be controlling, red flag, manipulative and so on.

  4. I feel like given the circumstances of the situation I would not side with op regardless of gender. Their partner seems to have the gift giving love expression while op is quality time. The communication between them should be expressed on what is acceptable. Telling your partner “no you can’t do that all” is a little much. If op doesn’t like presents maybe they could go to a movie or dinner, ect. So it is a shared experience and a gift. But instead op goes off on everyone in the comments, “earth shattering mad”. It’s mainly the reaction that makes me say Yta, to op.

  5. And yet, he said he communicated this topic wuth her multiple times. It doesn't matter what your love language is - if yoyr partner is not comfortable with it, you should tone it down. He is not against dinner and movie but against objects he doesnt want or need.

  6. Then that should be another conversation. In the post it doesn’t say what the partner got, let alone how much they got. If they communicate like how they do in the comments or their post the partner probably doesn’t fully understand the “why” so they still thinks it’s acceptable to buy a present or two. I understand where your coming from, not trying to argue just want to preface lol, I’m trying to present another side as well. Sometimes it needs to be spelled out without an emotional reaction to have your partner understand why you don’t like something, otherwise it becomes “my partner lost their shit because I bought them a present”. No one understanding in the end.

  7. 26, I get it. It can be draining at times but also I desperately don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck. So… I just try to have fun with it when I’m there

  8. Love this! He could be in a fishing in the dish sink next!

  9. Nta. I had been telling my bf I wanted a specific tattoo for the past few years. I got it and at first he was pissed but matter of it all it’s my body and I do what I want to it. And he’s gotten over it 🤷‍♀️If you want to get that piercing do it. Edit: but do talk to him about it. Let him know your doing it but at the end it’s your choice.

  10. This! Today I was told I looked like a “cute little kid” maam I’m 25🪦

  11. Holding in emotions. It’s ok to be sad and have emotions are just a part of the human experience . There’s this huge pressure on men to be “tough” and “manly” but honestly I wish it didn’t exist. Seeing someone raw in their emotions isn’t a sign of weakness, and no one will think less of you for it. If anything they just want to help you feel better and fix the situation with you.

  12. Dress two for sure! It shows off your curves and you won’t have to worry about a bustle at the reception

  13. I think it’s just a growing feeling of bothering people. I (25m) say good morning from time to time, but most people look busy so I just mind my own business. I myself will respond if someone says good morning or hello to me, but sometimes I just don’t feel it’s necessarily important.

  14. This exactly. Sometimes we’re just so busy and focused on our thing it can take a minute to realize someone said hello. I try to say hello to everyone, if I get nothing I come by later and ask how their day is going when I see that they are ok on time.

  15. I don’t think that would be to early. I am curious what state your in?:) after the ceremony I would definitely make sure there is plenty of canapés so guest don’t get to drunk before the reception. Once you guys are back food and dancing/ games.

  16. All the colors that can’t be changed are in the captions. Bridesmaids are wearing champagne. We love color but aren’t picky about which colors! I’m just curious what y’all would do if you had free rein.

  17. I would do let’s of the loose fabric from the ceiling in almost like that iridescent to catch the light. Tons of wildflowers lol on the tables, chairs , and an arch for the ceremony. Lastly tons of varying sized candles.

  18. One time I was given Wagyu steak as a "thank-you" for coming in on my day off to help out the line because they were getting slammed and they really needed me. It was so worth it, that steak was delicious

  19. That’s my jobs going away gift. A steak of their choice. We can also get them if we want we just pay at cost for it.

  20. Strollers and stuff can be super expensive, and if I didn’t know someone very well I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to buy them something that could cost me several hundred dollars. A bag of diapers is a reasonable gift for someone who you only know in passing and through someone else

  21. This exactly. Oop comes off as telling not asking the bf to buy the expensive items. In my family and friend group the larger ticket items are evenly split so no one feels pressured to buy a 700 item by themselves. Oop is the one who is being selfish. That’s a big ask for someone not willing to do it themselves

  22. I think the gum paste flowers look good they could have used a few more though. My beef is with those seams. They could have easily dropped the fondont from the top making it look seamless or put the seams in the “back of the cake” where the lettering wouldn’t be present. Maybe even a lighter color for the dark spots on the wood to match and blend better. It comes off as a sloppy mistake even for a cheaper bakery so I can understand your frustration Op. though unless they said “I can make it look almost the same” I wouldn’t go into any bakery expecting them to have the same expertise or skill. Unless the cake you found was on their website. Review pictures are very important to look over.

  23. NTA. What a shitty "Mother"! Who tf leaves their child without knowing 100% that they are leaving them in a safe place. I mean damn what if it was winter this baby could have froze to death! Or in summer and have a heat stroke. Someone should absolutely report her to cps. How can anyone be on that pos side? This isn't his kid. He said no multiple times. He owes her nothing and has responsibility to the baby. She's a lot of things but a good mother is not one of them! I'd cut the entire crazy bunch off! NTA

  24. This exactly! I wouldn’t even say “without knowing 100%” because oop said multiple times no I’m about to leave and take a flight. The fact that oop tried to give multiple options to help and the sister STILL dumped her kid off expecting oop to drop everything to watch her kid. She’s lucky nothing happened to her kid, insanely lucky.

  25. Damn that is a big difference in color. That’s almost an orange red vs the pastel pink

  26. It used to be basically all promos in the metros available offers

  27. I'm grateful for your comment but I don't think I was raped. I was asleep but I don't know if I had said yes earlier and fell asleep partway through or something. I had 3 or 4 drinks at the bar but I don't know how much I drank at the club or what I drank. I don't think she could be any more pissed at me than I am at myself. She texted me a few minutes ago saying that she's getting home at 3 and I'm going to tell her then. She's literally my whole world I love her so much. Thank you

  28. Op I know that your probably already know this but I feel I need to say it because how important it is. YOU CANNOT CONSENT WHILE: asleep, absolutely drunk/inebriated, or be coerced. All of these things break consent. If you of not clear mind saying yes it isn’t a true yes. If she thought you were asleep/passed out, it was not consensual sex. I would strongly encourage you to get a rape kit done along with getting tested for any roofies in your system. I’m a 5’2 woman and I can drink 3-4 drinks without being to the point I forget things. I say this because I hope this doesn’t break your relationship, I truly don’t believe you did anything because you were put in this situation. Rape happens to men as well.

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